Useful supporting information – application for Prior Notification of proposed development in respect of permitted development by Electronic Communications Code Operators


NOTE:  Prior notifications are not planning applications but are confirmation of the intent to take up ‘permitted development’ rights.  The Local Planning Authority has a limited time to confirm or reject the application, which can only be on technical grounds.

In order for your application to be accepted as valid you need to comply with the National Requirements set out here.

A completed form or written description of the proposed development.

A plan indicating the proposed location. Please refer to the Planning Portal Guidance on Site Location Plans. Site location plans can be purchased from the Planning Portal website. These can also be uploaded as part of the Planning Portal online planning application process.

The appropriate fee

Evidence that the developer has given notice of the proposed development in accordance with the planning regulations.

Where the proposed development consists of the installation of a mast within three kilometres of the perimeter of an aerodrome evidence that the developer has notified the Civil Aviation Authority, the Secretary of State for Defence or the Aerodrome operator in accordance with the planning regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Information provided on the application form and accompanying drawings and documents will be made available on the internet.

Advice for hard copy applications -

Only 1 set of paper documents needs to be provided.

Last updated: 20 March 2018

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