Guidance notes

All the information in the checklist below is essential to register your application. Please read the notes carefully for your own benefit and ensure you have enclosed all items mentioned below. All plans must be accurate and any measurements shown in metres.

The Application Form can be downloaded from the Documents section on this page.

Either of the parties directly concerned may apply for a certificate where an interest in land is proposed to be acquired by an authority possessing compulsory purchase powers in the following, but no other, circumstances:

  • a) where, for the purposes of a compulsory acquisition by that authority of land comprising of or including land in which that interest subsists, a notice required to be published or served in connection with that acquisition, either by an Act or by any Standing Order of either House of Parliament relating to petitions for private bills, has been published or served in accordance with that Act or Order; or
  • b) where a notice requiring the purchase of that interest has been served under any enactment, and in accordance with that enactment that authority is to be deemed to have served a notice to treat in respect of that interest; or
  • c) where an offer in writing has been made by or on behalf of that authority to negotiate the purchase of that interest.

An application for a certificate cannot be made if the land consists or forms part of:

  • a) an area defined in the development plan as an area of comprehensive development; or
  • b) an area shown in the development plan as an area allocated primarily for a use which is of a residential, commercial or industrial character, or for a range of two or more of these uses.

An application for a certificate cannot be made if a reference has been made to the Land Tribunal to determine the amount of compensation payable in respect of the interest except either:

  • a) with the consent in writing of the other party directly concerned; or
  • b) with the leave of the Lands Tribunal.


Please submit two copies of the application form with all questions answered and ensure that the forms are signed and dated. The application must be accompanied by two copies of a site location plan to show the site and adjoining properties and roads, and a red line must outline the boundary of the whole site. The plan must be at an appropriate scale to adequately identify the site and its surroundings (e.g. 1:1250 or 1:2500) and show the direction of north. Extra copies may be requested for certain applications. Please refer to the Planning Portal Guidance on Site Location Plans. Site location plans can be purchased from the Planning Portal website. A fee is required for this application.

Please send the completed forms and plans to -

Planning Services 

Lewis House

Manvers Street



Email: Planning_Registration@BATHNES.GOV.UK

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