Kingsmead Square is an important gathering space and arrival route to the west of the City Centre, its potential as a vibrant city space is yet to be realised.With a view to rebalancing the city centre in favour of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, Bath & North East Somerset Council is considering a vehicle access restriction in Kingsmead Square.

The Council’s Highways and Design specialists proposed a vehicle restriction is introduced every day, between the hours of 11am and midnight. The road would be closed through use of locked bollards (emergency services would have access). Outside of these hours vehicles would be allowed as usual, enabling access to the flats, shops and cafes for essential loading, servicing and refuse collection.

This proposal would increase opportunities for café culture and outdoor tables and chairs, removing all vehicles during the core hours of the day and evening. It would reclaim 1,500 square metres of road space and improve the atmosphere and environment, giving priority back to pedestrians.

Subject to community support, funding is available to implement a vehicle access restriction trial (known as an ‘experimental traffic regulation order’), during 2019-21. The trial would last 6 to 12 months, and would allow this proposal to be tested and adjusted before a final decision is made on whether to make it permanent. Once permanent further improvements to the Square will be possible.

More information about the history of Kingsmead Square and further explanation of the proposals can be found here.

Informal Consultation Results 

Public engagement was undertaken in September 2019 during two events held on Kingsmead Square. The feedback from these events and other recent public feedback is detailed in the following Public Engagement Summary.

Public Engagement September 2019 Summary (pdf)

In September 2018 - January 2019 an informal consultation was held which included a public consultation and a business survey.

There has not yet been a formal consultation on an ‘experimental traffic regulation order’, this is planned for 2019-20.

To view the comments made during the public consultation and the headline results of the business survey see the reports below:

- Public Consultation Summary (Pdf)

- Business Survey Summary (pdf)

Last updated: 20 January 2020

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