City Information System Pilot Project

New city information columns are to be installed in Union Street and High Street adjacent to the entrances to The Corridor and Northumberland Place on week commencing 24 July 2017. These columns have new trial features to further improve the system and test improvements requested during the 2016 review. The columns are designed to integrate with the existing wayfinding system providing an additional finer grained level of local area information to help visitors explore the city's passageways and side streets and support local independent traders.

Feedback will be sought on the new columns from 1 August to 30 September via an online questionnaire at by selecting the link to the Consultations page.

City Information System Review

During 2016, independent wayfinding experts Streetwise undertook a review of the City Information System (CIS) currently in use in Bath city centre. As part of the review process, Streetwise engaged with stakeholders representing local businesses and visitor attractions as well as Bath Business Improvement and Tourism Companies, members of the public, visitors to the City.

The full report and a summary can be viewed from the links below.  The Streetwise report provides the Council and stakeholders with an independent assessment of the CIS system as currently implemented with recommendations for improvements and development of the system across its three key channels;

  • On-Street Wayfinding

  • Paper Walk-Ride Maps

  • Digital Information

Streetwise audit of current Bath CIS

Streetwise Review of current Bath CIS (summary report)

Streetwise Review of current Bath CIS (full report)

CIS Business & Delivery Case

The Steering Group that has overseen the review to date will now continue to oversee the next steps; ensuring coordination with the Council’s wider Public Realm and Movement Programme.

A business case will be produced to help inform and enable the most important recommendations. It is aimed to complete this by Christmas 2017.  As part of developing a delivery case, the Council will be consulting further with stakeholders and the public. 
Watch this space for further updates. 

Pilot Projects

In addition to producing the business case, the Council will be working with partners to progress a small number of pilot projects. These will test the recommended changes and additions to the CIS.
The first pilot project is a partnership between the Council, Bath BID and the owner of The Corridor to produce a new style of column to replace existing free standing signage. These will be positioned close to each end of The Corridor and Northumberland Place in time for the 2017 summer holiday period. The new column integrates quick reference navigation at the top with local area mapping and information beneath, responding to stakeholder requests. The Council will shortly be inviting stakeholder feedback on the new columns in the months following their installation.

Updates on further pilot projects will be provided later this year as they are developed further.

City Information System Background

The City information System, funded by EU CIVITAS, provides a comprehensive information and wayfinding system to make Bath more accessible and legible to its visitors and residents and increased pedestrian & cycle movement, public transport patronage, visitor stays and repeat visits.

It provides a multi-channel information system for all key modes of movement, with particular emphasis on walking, cycling and public transport. The design of the system, including its colour palette, typography, cartography and product design and materials, has been inspired by the Public Realm and Movement Programme's design values and Bath's unique qualities as a city.

A system of 33 map monoliths were rolled out across the city in 2013. They were part of a wider City Information System for the getting around the city on foot, by bike and public transport. The system also included print maps, new information at Bristol Airport, and wall mounted maps at some of our car parks. The Walk Ride print maps are available for purchase from the Tourist Information Centre located in Abbey Churchyard.

 The Council has received excellent feedback about the maps which provide people with a clear sense of their surroundings and enable them to explore and experience the hidden streets and the alleyways of the city and to appreciate the breadth and number of attractions on offer. To build on the success of the system and enhance and invest in it for the future, the Council appointed an independent expert to undertake a review of the current system this summer. As part of the audit of the current system, focus groups were undertaken with local stakeholders and visitors to Bath. The findings and recommendations from the review have now been published as below and will be discussed with stakeholders during an event at the Guildhall on 7 November 2016*. Following consideration of the review the Council will seek funding for any proposed alterations or additions to the system.

The City Information System Pattern Book is designed to set the guidelines and specifications for the various elements across the system. The following documents outline the technical specifications and requirements for producing the graphic artwork for the system:

Bath City Information System Pattern Book - Part 1

Bath City Information System Pattern Book - Part 2

Bath City Information System Pattern Book - Part 3

Bath City Information System Pattern Book - Part 4

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