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The Combe Down Stone Mines Project was a major project by Bath & North East Somerset Council to stabilise abandoned limestone mine workings in Combe Down and preserve the Health & Safety of the area. The aim of the Project was to remove the current threat to life and property of those living, working in and travelling through the Combe Down area.

In doing this, the Project ensured that the internationally recognised heritage, wildlife and environmental properties of the area are conserved for future generations.

Useful Information:

Completion Statements

When all the stabilisation works required beneath a property were completed and verified, the owner received a ‘Statement of Completion’. This certifies that the mines beneath their property have been stabilised. This document is most significant and should be retained in a safe place.

If you need a copy of the Completion Statement please contact,

Land Charges Team,
Lewis House, 
Manvers Street,
BA1 1JG 
Tel: 01225 477092

If you wish to view a copy free of charge please contact,

Bath Record Office

High Street

Tel: +44 (0)1225 477421
Fax: +44 (0)1225 477439


You can find out more information on the Combe Down Stone Mines Project Website


You can download the following Factsheet on the right hand side of the screen:

  • A letter was sent to residents in December 2010 which included details of a circular issued to ABI members, which recommended normal underwriting conditions are applied to properties in Combe Down

Good Practice Guide

On 6th December 2011 The Stabilisation of Combe Down Stone Mines: Good Practice Guide was launched in the House of Commons.

Paul Morrell – Government Chief Construction Advisor – attended the launch and spoke to endorse the publication which has been jointly produced by Bath & North East Somerset Council and the Homes and Communities Agency.

A web-friendly version of the book is available via this link.  Download Best Practice Guide.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book please contact the Project Team on 01225 477582.

A commemorative book for the project is also available.  The book will be available for members of the public to buy for £10 and will include a DVD of project films.  The book can be obtained at Combe Down Heritage Society meetings - please see the village noticeboard for details - or from Rosemary Simmons who can be contacted on 01225 833301 or

A book of poems from Combe Down, Time in the Shape of a Mine, has been published.  This features Andy Croft’s poems as well as those written by miners, school children and villagers.  A book of the historical pageant written by Andy Croft and performed at the Celebration Event has also been published.  Both books are available to buy from the Combe Down Heritage Society at special prices for Combe Down residents - the poetry book is priced at £3 and the pageant book at £1.50.  The books can be obtained from the Combe Down Heritage Society, as above.

Vik Martin was commissioned to photograph the Celebration Event in September.  Photographs are available to view and buy from her website.


Contact Information

If you have any enquires relating to the Project, or would like to request further information, the Combe Down Stone Mines Project Team can be contacted at

  • Email Project Delivery: or
  • Write to the Project Delivery: Project Delivery, Northgate House, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RG
  • If you need advice on whether there are old mine workings under any particular property in the Combe Down area please contact Land Charges, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG or for a mine search or records are also available free of charge at the Bath Records Office, Guildhall.
  • Contact the Combe Down Ward Councillors:

Cllr Roger Symonds on (01225) 832144

Cllr Cherry Beath on (01225) 833767






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