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Bath, today, is a successful international visitor destination, an historic and contemporary spa, a festival city and a regional shopping centre offering an impressive array of cafes, restaurants and cultural attractions.  The city is also famous for sporting excellence including Bath Rugby Club and the University of Bath Sports Training Village.

However, Bath still faces a number of challenges including:

  • Traffic congestion and air pollution
  • Increased competition from other cities and towns
  • Low wage economy
  • Lack of modern workspace
  • Shortage of appropriate housing


While Bath enjoys a strong reputation as a world-class heritage and tourism destination, many would be surprised to learn that the city is also a growing centre for 21st century creative and hi-tech industries.  In 2010, NESTA (the National Endowment for Science and Technology and the Arts) identified Bath as a top ten UK hub of innovation and creativity.  Existing strengths and growth potential include:

  • World class technology and architecural engineering
  • Creative businesses
  • Low carbon and environmental technologies and services
  • High level of professional and financial services
  • Two outstanding universities including the University of Bath's Innovation Centre

More information on Bath's surprising economy

With the required investment in enabling infrastructure underway - transport, flood mitigation and broadband, through the Bath 'City of Ideas' Enterprise Area, Bath is unlocking physical development on a range of sites across the city centre.

See Bath 'City of Ideas' Enterprise Area for further detail


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