Using the online mapping system to view listed buildings

You can view the location of listed buildings in the Bath and North East Somerset district on our Listed Buildings map layer.

Listed buildings will be highlighted in either red, yellow or green depending on Grade. By clicking on a property on the map you can also view the basic details of the listing as well as the full statutory listing on the Historic England website. It is important that you have read the disclaimer below before using the map.


The Council has produced a map layer of listed buildings for its area. This is based on addresses supplied by central government. Please note that the map information is indicative only, and does not purport to identify every listed building or structure. Also, it should be noted that under listed buildings legislation, structures within or surrounding the curtilage of a listed building may also be protected, and that these structures can sometimes be geographically remote from the principal building. The map layer should not therefore be relied upon as definitive. If unsure about the status of a building or structure please contact the Planning & Conservation Team on the contact details provided on the left. 

Follow the step-by-step guide (PDF - 757Kb) to querying our listed buildings map.

Enter the listed buildings map layer here (** please ensure you have read the above Disclaimer first **)



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