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Is a property listed?

The Council now has its own Listed Buildings map layer, which links up with the full statutory listing description on the Historic England website.  Follow the link to progress to our Listed Buildings map search web page.

What does the Planning & Conservation Team do?

  • We provide pre-application advice to owners or their agents on proposals requiring demolition in a conservation area or listed building consent.  We also provide advice on the need to apply for listed building consent and this is detailed at the bottom of this page.  This may also include -
  • We process applications for works which affect the character of listed buildings (listed building consent) and advise the Council as necessary.
  • We give design and conservation advice to the other Development Management teams in their consideration of applications for planning permission.
  • We defend the Council’s position where an applicant appeals against a refusal of demolition in a conservation area or listed building consent.
  • We undertake designation and characterisation of conservation areas.

A duty Conservation Officer is available during normal office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to answer queries by telephone on 01225 394041.  Alternatively you can email conservation_andplanning@bathnes.gov.uk and a Conservation Officer will reply to you.

Further online advice and guidance can be found to the left and right of this page.


Last updated: 9 October 2019

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