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When buying a house or property an important part of the conveyancing process is having a Local Authority Search. 

The Local Land Charges section is responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register and providing the Council's Local Authority Searches. This consists of two forms:

  • LLC1 (search of the register), and
  • CON29 form (enquiries of local authority‚Äôs questionnaire)

Form LLC1 

Replies to the LLC1 of the Local Search will reveal the existence of any 'charges' (e.g. any planning, environmental, financial or highway restrictions) made against the property. This is a statutory procedure. The charges are held in the Local Land Register, which we maintain.

Form CON29R (Enquiries of Local Authority)  

Responses to the CON29R form will provide relevant building regulations, local plan, environmental health, planning and highways information affecting the property.

The form contains a list of questions prepared by the Law Society. The replies provide information which is useful when buying a property, for example:

  • whether or not the highways adjoining the property are publicly maintained
  • major road schemes close to the property and minor schemes abutting or affecting the property
  • drainage to the property
  • a list of planning decisions affecting the property
  • contaminated land
  • a list of building regulations affecting the property


Local Authority Searches

The searches are completed by fully trained and experienced staff.  The official search is certified by the Council.   Local Authority searches are covered by insurance as standard which covers owners against any financial loss as a direct result of inaccurate or omitted information.  Our average turnaround for completing local authority searches is just 3 working days.


Easy ways to apply

You can apply for a local authority search via post, National Land Information Service (NLIS), TM Search Choice or email.

Email Search Facility:

You are now able to send and receive your searches via email.  Simply send an email to, including the following information:

  • Plan showing the extent of the property
  • Provide details of the address of the property and let us know if you wish to raise any optional or additional questions
  • Confirmation of the amount that will be paid and your chosen payment option

There is no need to send the LLC1 and CON29 forms.  You will receive your search results via email cutting out valuable postage time.  Our existing customers who use this facility are extremely happy with its speed and simplicity .  


Simply post your LLC1 and CON29 forms to: 

Land Charges, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG

Searches returned electronically:

We can accept and return searches via the internet through National Land Information Service (NLIS).  For further information please click on the link to the NLIS website on the right of this page which also provides links to the two channels.

We also receive searches from TM Property Searches, for further information please click on the link to their website on the right of this page.


Easy ways to pay

We have a number of flexible ways for you to pay for Local Authority searches, these are:


Payment can be made by monthly invoice account, if you are interested in setting up an invoice payment facility please email:

Monthly Invoice Account:

The bank account details to pay by BACS are:

Bank: National Westminster Bank, Bath
Sort Code: 56 00 34
Account Number: 57134464
Account Name: Bath & North East Somerset Council Suspense Account.

When making a payment by BACS please enter Land Charges in the reference.  Please email us when you have made the BACS payment and if possible send us a screenshot of the deposit.


If you wish to pay by cheque please make cheques payable to Bath & North East Somerset Council and send to:

Land Charges, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG


Our Service

  • Average completion time is 3 working days

  • Competitive prices

  • Additional ways to apply - Post or email

  • Electronic return

  • More ways to pay - BACS, cheque or invoice

  • Expedite search requests for no additional fee

  • No risk for conveyancers, estate agents, house buyers and sellers - our insurance eliminates the risk for all involved

  • Free advice or help with searches.  We will clarify and respond free of charge to enquiries about a completed local authority search (charges may apply for copy documents)


Please note we cannot provide advice on a personal search, these enquires should be directed to the personal search company who carried out that search.

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