An Article 4 Direction is a special planning regulation adopted by a Local Planning Authority to provide additional powers of planning control in a particular location. It operates by removing some of the "Permitted Development" rights over certain specified classes of minor alterations and extensions, such as porches, replacement of windows and doors and painting of the exterior of a building. Usually these Directions only relate to those facades of the building facing onto a street or public footpath or open space, but sometimes they cover alterations and extensions at the rear or developments such as sheds in back gardens.

The effect of these Article 4 Directions is that planning permission is required for these minor developments that would otherwise not require an application for planning permission. This enables the council to control these minor developments so as to ensure that they accord with its policies to protect the character of a Conservation Area or the visual amenities of other areas and prevent developments that do not accord with those policies.

The Article 4 Directions and Regulation 7 Directions in Bath and North East Somerset are listed below:

Regulation 7 Direction Bath Conservation Area controlling the display of estate agents' boards 2016

City of Bath HMO Article 4 Direction 2013

Warleigh Wood Article 4 Direction 2010 (with Seal)

Bath Conservation Area Demolition of walls Article 4 Direction 1995

Swainswick Valley Article 4 Direction 1993

Showground London Road West Lambridge Bath Article 4 Direction 1980

Land adjacent Twerton Park Football Ground Bath Article 4 Direction 1980

Land at Keynsham Article 4 Direction 1975

Land at Monkton Combe Article 4 Direction 1975

You can also view the Article 4 Directions and search for properties on the Council’s mapping website. View the Article 4 Directions Map



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