Hinton Blewett was identified as being of special architectural and historic interest and designated as a Conservation Area (hereafter ‘CA’) in 1993. The Council has a duty to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of CAs in exercising its planning powers and to conduct periodic re-appraisal of boundaries. This provides a consistent and sound basis upon which to determine planning and other applications.

The appraisal identifies features which contribute toward the character of the area and those that detract from it. This enables local residents to participate in identifying features which are important to the special character of their area, and provides a base upon which to develop proposals for preservation and enhancement. The appraisal can be downloaded from the Documents section on the right.

Summary of Special Interest

• The exceptional landscape setting overlooking the Chew Valley. The village is situated on a plateau affording it many fine views of the surrounding countryside.
• The Barbury as a remnant of early medieval settlement provides an excellent focal point for the CA, functioning as a key part of the traditional appeal of the village.
• The characteristics of Hinton Blewett as a medieval planned village typical of other North Somerset settlements and critical to the setting of the CA.
• Thick, well preserved hedgerows provide an organic sense of enclosure that permeates the
village and contributes to its rural character.
• The medieval field patterns that provide a key part of the setting of the CA.
• The traditional road layout and signage little affected by modern street furniture or highway development maintains the character of the area.
• Widespread use of local building materials such as natural stone and timber, lime based mortars and renders.


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