Once Full Plans or a Building Notice have been deposited you can commence building operations on site. However, if you have made a Full Plans application, any work carried out prior to the approval notice being given is at your own risk.

If you also need Planning Permission or Listed Buildings consent you should not start work without such approval(s).

Notification of various stages

At the commencement of the work our Building Control Surveyors will discuss with the builder/owner at which stages they wish to be notified to inspect. The owner and builder will be provided with an Inspection Notification Framework which sets out the inspection stages for that scheme.  We need to be notified at these stages to enable us to undertake site inspections. The general stages for inspections are listed below but these will vary depending on the type of work. 

General Stages of work for Site Inspection

  • Commencement
  • Excavation of foundations prior to concreting
  • Installation of reinforcement before concreting (in a foundation or a slab)
  • Building over the damp-proof course and foundations concreted
  • Over-site before concreting
  • Laying drains prior to back-filling
  • Drains test after back -filling
  • Installation of structural members (floor joists, roof structure, steel beams etc)
  • Thermal insulation
  • Occupation (if before completion)
  • Completion 

On large projects our Building Control Surveyors will generally arrange to call on a daily basis or more frequently if required.

In order to ensure that building work complies with the Regulations, Building Control Surveyors may visit the site at times other than those listed.

Inspections may be requested by post, by telephone to (01225) 477517/8 or by e-mail to building_control@bathnes.gov.uk

To guarantee a visit on the same day requests should be made before 10:00am, however if you call later we will still endeavour to visit that day if you require it. We will endeavour to fit our inspection times around your requirements.

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