In 2013 Bath & North East Somerset Council was awarded funding from the Department for Transport's Cycle City Ambition programme for the Seven Dials area of Bath. The Council wants to reduce congestion and allow people to move around more freely in Bath, this project aims to improve the area as a public space with more focus on the needs of people walking and cycling.

Seven Dials is at the historic west gate of Bath where seven routes met and lies to the west of the city's main thoroughfare. Work took place between February and July 2015 to re-establish Seven Dials as a key public space with a greater focus on cyclist and pedestrian needs through the use of shared space, which ackowledges the significantly higher pedestrian to traffic ratio. Conventional road signage is removed and perceived hierarchies between users are broken down, enabling greater freedom for pedestrians to use the space. This is encouraged through the use of surfaces and street furniture which reduces the distinction between road and footway.

New cycle routes
The Council wants to reduce the dominance of motor vehicles in the city centre and encourage sustainable travel. New Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) will be created for contraflow cycle routes which connect to the existing cycle network in Bath, via Seven Dials.


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