The population of Keynsham will have increased by some 30% by 2029 due to growth in housing and employment accommodated through the Core Strategy. In order to understand how this level of growth can be managed a Transport Strategy for Keynsham has been developed which highlights a range of future challenges as a result of the predicted increase in traffic demand. The strategy identified a number of issues within the town requiring further investigation.

Following on from the Keynsham Transport Strategy, The Future Growth of Keynsham Transport Study investigates a number of transport issues affecting Keynsham under a number of individual tasks. Following the detailed investigation of these transport issues a set of reports have been produced which can be accessed via the links below:

  1. South West Keynsham – Relief Road Options Study
  2. Five Ways Junction – Safety Study
  3. Parking Issues Study
  4. Charlton Road – Pedestrian Safety Study
  5. Heavy Goods Vehicles – Route Study
  6. Speed Limit Review
  7. Charlton Road – Crossing Point Feasibility Study
  8. Westbourne Avenue/St Keyna Road/Westview Road – Parking Study

As well as those studies listed above The Future Growth of Keynsham Study included a number of issues which have been addressed in previous studies. These include the following:

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