Chew Transport Strategy

In parallel with the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Transport Study, the Council has commissioned consultants to develop a Transport Strategy for the Chew Valley.  This covers the 14 parishes shown below.

Chew Valley Map

The transport work will look to recommend improvements or measures to address existing problems.  It will also take into account the Council’s Core Strategy which is proposing limited additional housing in the Chew Valley between 2011 & 2029.

The study needs to understand existing transport issues and priorities for improvements or measures to be included in the proposed Transport Strategy.  As part of this, we identified the existing issues outlined below:

Existing Transport Issues

The following key issues in relation to local transport in the Chew Valley have been identified:

  • Poor access to public or community transport and a limited number of destinations by bus
  • Poor access to facilities, services and shops
  • High traffic volumes through the villages
  • Heavy goods vehicles using unsuitable roads
  • ‘Rat running’ to Bristol airport
  • Limited off-street parking and on-street parking can cause problems
  • Significant numbers of road traffic accidents
  • Limited pedestrian facilities in some areas
  • Limited cycle routes
  • Accessibility to schools (particularly Chew Valley School), colleges and health facilities
  • Difficulties faced by younger and older age groups

Exhibition Event

Following the earlier Issues and Options consultation the Council held an exhibition to unveil the Chew Valley Transport Strategy and explain the proposals being put forward.

For those individuals who weren't able to attend the event but wished to view the proposals a copy of the reports were made available via the following links:

Chew Valley Transport Strategy - Summary Report

Chew Valley Transport Strategy - Technical Supporting Report

If you have any queries or simply wish to discuss the Chew Valley Transport Strategy contact the Transportation Planning Team by telephone on 01225 394408 or by email via

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