This permit will allow your guests to park on-street in the zone that your hotel/guest house is located.

Who Can Apply?

Any registered hotel/guest house within a parking zone. These permits are for the use of customers to the hotel or guest house and not for use by staff.

From 14 August 2006, new developments and new builds within existing zones are not normally entitled to permits. This includes properties which may have been subject to a change in use , for example, from residential use to business use and/or where planning permission may have been required. Prospective purchasers, tenants, business owners or residents, businesses or developers considering building alterations, or new builds, are strongly advised to contact Parking Services for advice regarding eligibility or implications for a Hotel/Guest House Parking Permit. View the current Policy for Allocation of Parking Permits in Controlled Zones on this page.

How to Apply

Please download an application form from the Documents section on the right-hand side of this page.

Where You Can Park

Your guests can park on street within the zone that your hotel/guest house is located. Please use the ‘Services in Your Area’ search to find out what zone your hotel/guest house is located in, you will find this under ‘Parking Permit’.

Cost (Annual)

1 - 5 Permits: £80 each
6 - 10 Permits: £105 each
11 – 15 Permits: £160 each 

Terms and Conditions

Please see terms and conditions in the documents section on the right-hand side of this page.  

Key Points:

    • Hotel/Guest House permits are for customers, not staff.
    • Hotel/Guest House permits are non refundable.

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