What is a camera car?

A camera car is a vehicle that has a built-in camera that can quickly issue vehicles tickets (Penalty Charge Notice) for parking in contravention to a restriction. This works in a similar way to a mobile speeding camera.

Where is the camera car used?

The camera car will be used outside schools to enforce ‘School Keep Clear’ yellow zigzag markings and parking on bus stops.

What is the camera car used for?

The camera car is used to improve road safety and to promote the use of more sustainable transport modes.

Parking in contravention outside of schools puts both road and pavement users at risk. It is an issue consistently raised by teachers, parents and local residents, but with the high number of schools throughout Bath and North East Somerset it is very difficult to enforce. The camera car uses CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition to quickly detect offences and offenders, issuing them with a Penalty Charge Notice. This will create a safer environment around the school which will encourage sustainable transport methods such as walking and cycling to school.

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