Pay a bus lane Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Please note we are only able to accept payment on the day the PCN was issued for online payments.  Payments by telephone or in person as below can only be made from the next working day.

  • Pay online
  • Call 01225 477133 to pay over the phone with a debit or credit card (office hours only)
  • Visit a One Stop Shop to pay in person.  
  • Send a cheque to: Parking Services, Bath and North East Somerset Council, PO Box 5197, Bath, BA1 0UF

Make a representation if you feel the PCN has been incorrectly issued

  • Make a challenge online
  • Write to: Parking Services, Bath and North East Somerset Council, PO Box 5197, Bath, BA1 0UF

Please note that we have to have all representations in writing to ensure that the process is fully auditable. If you require aid in writing this please call 01225 477133 or visit a One Stop Shop

Advice on making a representation

Please note: you will not be able to make an informal challenge to a bus lane PCN, only a formal representation.

Parking Services staff are unable to discuss details of this PCN over the telephone.  This is because written evidence is required for audit purposes and for presentation to an adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal if an appeal is submitted following the rejection of a representation. 

Representations should be received by the Council within 28 days from the date of service of the PCN.

If the Council accepts your representations, you will be notified of this decision, the PCN will be cancelled and no payment will be due.

If the Council rejects your representations, you will be sent a Notice Of Rejection and details of how to pay the penalty charge or appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

The current regulations concerning PCNs are The Bus Lane Contraventions (Penalty Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005. To protect your right of appeal the above procedure must be followed.

Appeal the rejection of a representation

If your representation is rejected you will receive a Notice of Rejection. Within this letter there will be information on the appeals process.  The appeal will from this point be dealt with by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal; they are an independent body who will make a final decision on the case.  Their decision will be binding and therefore you will be unable to make a further appeal after this point.

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