We aim to meet the customer standards for our organisation and offer the best customer care by:

  • Making our services easy to access
  • Being helpful, polite and accessible, identifying and addressing specific needs sensitively and fairly
  • Respecting privacy and confidentiality
  • Dealing with your enquiries promptly and give timely information that is accurate, comprehensive and complete
  • Actively encouraging and welcoming customer feedback

To view our full list of Customer Care Standards:


Service Standards & Targets

Customer Satisfaction 
  • Overall Satisfaction - Currently 73% (Feb 2016 survey data) of our customers are satisfied overall with the services we provide (Target 100%) 
  • Staff Attitude - Currently 90% (Feb 2016 survey data) customers found our staff to be friendly, polite and understood their needs (Target 100%)
  • Treated fairly - Currently 90% (Feb 2016 survey data) of customers felt that they were treated fairly (Target 100%)

We are also introducing some new customer satisfaction standards reflecting what is important to you. We have begun to measure these but need more survey responses to tell you how we are doing 

  • Professionalism - Customers feeling that staff are professional and knowledgeable (Target 80%) 
  • Information - Customers feeling that they are kept informed about progress and are given accurate and complete information (Target 80%) 
  • Timeliness - Customers agreeing that our service respond to and deal with issues within expected timescales (Target 80%) 
  • Delivery - Customers agreeing that we deliver what we promise and deal with any problems that arise (Target 80%) 
Telephone Response
  • Telephone response – Currently 83% of telephone calls are answered within 20 seconds (Target 80%)
Written/Email enquiries responses
  • All email contacts receive an immediate acknowledgement of receipt. Currently 100% of email contacts are acknowledged (Target 100%) 
  • Investigate assess and respond to advisory disabled bay applications – Currently 55% of applications dealt with within 20 days (Target 100%)
  • Penalty Charge Notice email/written enquiries – Timescales for response vary depending on stage reached in accordance with statutory process. These are advised on the relevant documents
  • General written/email contacts – Current performance to respond within 10 working days NA – (Target 100%)   
Feedback and Complaints
  • Feedback and complaints – Currently 95% of feedback and formal complaints are responded to within 15 working days (Target 100%)
  • Review and learning – We will review feedback and complaints quarterly to identify learning and inform service delivery and improvement and publish information and ‘frequently asked questions’ about recurring themes and actions  – Currently 100% (Target 100%)
Independent Review and Assessment
  • Target statement: - We will undertake an annual independent Mystery Shopper exercise across all customer facing services to inform overall levels of service performance and service quality and develop an annual action plan to address areas for development or change.

Staff Development & Training
  • Target statement:- We will continually review and assess staff training needs and develop an ongoing programme of training and development to promote a professional, consistent and high quality service

Service Development & Improvement
  • Target statement:- We will continually review and develop the services we provide to respond to customer feedback, reduce costs, improve service delivery and accessibility, ensure an efficient and effective service.

Parking Services - Transport & Parking Services
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Tel: 01225 477133/4
Email: Parking@bathnes.gov.uk Website:  www.bathnes.gov.uk

Parking Services Customer Charter & Standards Action Plan 2016/17 

Our action plan is a response to what you have told us in our survey work testing satisfaction. We aim to work in an environment of continuous improvement and we will build on this work over time.  We are proud of our effects to offer a continuously improving service and we are committed to doing the very best we possibly can.

Customer Satisfaction
  1. Review pilot of new customer satisfaction survey to; assess initial results and themes, review format and identify any changes or additional questions needed to ensure a balance of views and ability to measure results across service.  Target Date: January 2017.

  2. Undertake Voice box customer survey 2016/17 to random sample of service users.  Target Date: June 2017.
Telephone Response

3.   Monitor call answering performance within 20 seconds and continue reporting as part of monthly KPI reporting and review.  Target Date: Monthly

Written/Email Enquiries response
4.    Develop new mechanism to track enquiries and responses across service areas, monitor performance and include as part of monthly KPI reporting and review.  Target Date: March 2017.

5.    Undertake correspondence audits to assess quality and accuracy of response.  Target Date: Monthly.

6.    Develop online enquiry form to improve customer experience, track work requests, responses and performance by category service wide.  Target Date: April 2017.

7.    Continue to monitor workloads and resources to plan and co-ordinate work to optimise performance.  Target Date: Ongoing.

Feedback and complaints
8.    Monitor and review quarterly, identify themes, progress changes/identified actions, report to Corporate Customer Feedback team and publicise results quarterly. Target Date: Quarterly.

9.    Publish FAQ’s including actions taken based on customer feedback and complaint – aim to proactively address concerns, provide information and reduce potential for further complaint.
       Target Date: Complete / Ongoing.

Independent Review and Assessment

10. Procure 3 year contract for provision of independent Mystery Shopping services.  Target Date: March 2017.

11. Monitor and Progress 2015/16 action plan. Target Date: Ongoing.

Staff Development & Training

12. All Civil Enforcement Officers to be trained and qualified in City & Guilds Level 2 Award for Civil Enforcement Officers
      All Business Support Team Officers to be trained and qualified in City & Guilds Level 3 Award Notice Processing
      All Business Support Team Officers to be trained in City & Guilds Level 2 or equivalent Award Customer Services In Parking
      Target Date: Ongoing.

13. All officers to have individual Personal Development Reviews to identify learning and development needs.  Target Date: March 2017.

Service Development and Improvement
14. Development of annual Action Plan & Agenda Log – monthly monitoring to ensure the service continues a culture of innovation and improvement by investing in staff, systems and new ideas.
      For example: - regular reviews within the operational environment of Parking Services, introduction of a new online system for coach bookings.  Target Date: April 2017 with monthly monitoring and review.

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