Bath and North East Somerset residents are entitled to a 10% discount on parking charges in most Council-run car parks in Bath, using the MiPermit cashless parking system.

Sign up to the Residents’ Parking Saver through MiPermit to take advantage of the 10% discount (you will need your Council Tax account number handy).

Sign-up for Residents' Parking Saver

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you increased the cost of parking?

Parking charges have been increased as part of long-term plans that fit with the Council’s wider aim to improve air quality, tackle congestion, ease parking pressures and ensure a thriving economy that will benefit us all.

Why is there a discount for residents?

The discount has been introduced to demonstrate the Council’s commitment to putting residents first, as well as supporting local business and tackling congestion and air pollution. The Council are prioritising the parking needs of residents and parking for short-stay visitors over commuters as we recognise that local businesses are the lifeblood of our city and they need a steady flow of customers.

The discount has been set to manage the impact of parking charge increase on residents as well as to encourage the use of MiPermit.

Who is eligible for the Residents’ Parking Saver (RPS)?

Anyone that lives in a residential property within Bath and North East Somerset for 4 days or more a week is eligible for the RPS. Owners or occupiers of other property types are not eligible.

What is the discount and where does it apply?

Residents receive a 10% discount on daily parking stays in Council operated car parks in Bath (with the exception of the Guildhall car park, which is only available to the general public at weekends, and Green Park Road car park, which is a temporary car park). The discount is not available on street in Bath or in car parks in Keynsham.

How do I access the discount?

The discount is only available when using the MiPermit cashless parking system. Residents must set up an account, which is linked to their residential address. The resident’s current Council Tax account number is needed to automatically access the discount. This can be found on the top left hand side of your Council Tax bill. It is free to set up an account however each stay created is subject to a 10p service charge. The RPS ensures that even with the 10p service fee, residents will always pay less using MiPermit compared to using a Pay and Display machine.

Why can’t I change the start date to before 13th August?

You can sign up for the scheme from 30th July; however, the discount does not apply to daily parking charges bought before the 13th August. Residents can sign up in advance and at a time convenient to them so they can be ready for when the discount is available.

Does the discount apply all the time? Is there a limit on the number of times I can get a discount?

If you are eligible for the RPS, the discount is available on all stays and there is no limit to the number of times residents can use the RPS.

Do I have to renew my access to the RPS?

We need to verify that you are a resident annually. You will be sent an email 14 days before your access is due to expire, providing details on how to renew.

Does the 10% discount apply to season tickets?

The 10% discount does not apply to season tickets and only applies to daily parking charges purchased for parking in some Bath car parks. Season tickets are already heavily discounted therefore a further discount will not apply.

Will the parking permits be subject to the 10% residents’ discount?

The 10% discount does not apply to parking permits and only applies to daily parking charges purchased for parking in some Bath car parks. Only residents are entitled to a resident’s permit and the membership charges for these cover the operating costs of the scheme.

Why do I have a 10p service charge every time I create a stay in MiPermit? Surely it should cost the same as using a pay and display machine?

The 10p service fee payable when paying by phone, online or via the MiPermit smartphone app covers the additional costs to the Council for operating the MiPermit system, including the MiPermit call centre, card processing charges and mobile operator’s text fees. The RPS ensures that even with the 10p service fee, residents will always pay less using MiPermit compared to using a Pay and Display machine.

How are the ticket machines going to know if you are a resident of B&NES, and therefore entitled to a 10% resident’s discount?

The discount will only be available when parking is purchased through a verified MiPermit cashless account. Residents wishing to pay in cash or by card at a machine will not be able to receive the discount as we cannot verify that they are residents.

How do residents paying by cash claim for the 10% Residents’ Discount?

Residents wishing to pay in cash at a machine will not be able to receive the discount at this time.

What if they don’t have a smartphone?

Residents do not need a smart phone to use MiPermit, once their account is set up, parking stays can be created by text message or by calling the MiPermit helpdesk. Parking stays can also be set up for a future time or date before making the journey to the car park by using a tablet or computer; however this does not reserve a parking bay and we cannot guarantee that a space will be available at that car park.

I have a resident’s permit, do I still have to apply for the RPS?

Purchasing a resident’s permit automatically gives you access to the RPS. Your access to the RPS will expire when your resident’s permit expires. Your access to the RPS will renew automatically when you renew your resident’s permit.

I live in a residents' permit zone but only purchase visitor permits, do I still have to apply for the RPS?

Purchasing visitor permits only will not give you automatic access to the RPS; however you can apply for the RPS and as you are a resident, you will be eligible to gain access to this discount.

Will the discount for residents increase local car use?

Although there is a possibility that the resident’s discount may encourage car use, as parking charges have been increased we do not believe that this will be the case. The parking charges have been set at a level that will influence behaviours and travel choices and encourage car users when appropriate to choose sustainable modes of transport which include cycling and walking, use the Park & Ride or public transport rather than driving into the city centre to park.

Can my friends and family use my account to access the RPS?

The RPS must only be used by residents when parking in a vehicle that is registered at the address given or an authorised lease / company car assigned to the residents. Allowing non-residents (or vehicles not registered at the account holders address) access to the discount is considered a breach of the Terms & Conditions and may result in the cancellation of access to the scheme for all accounts at the address registered within MiPermit.

There are multiple residents at my property. Do we have to have one account or can we have separate accounts?

The system is flexible and can be used in the way that suits each individual household. You can have 1 account per household, with each member and vehicle registered to that account or each member can have their own account. If a single account is used, the cost of all parking stays are charged to one person’s bank account; if multiple accounts are used, the payments for each account can be charged to their own bank account. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be set up per property.

I already had the app and have successfully applied for the RPS, but the discount is not showing.

Please ensure you are using the latest version of the MiPermit app. You can update it from the relevant app store.

I am using the app but the discount is not showing.

The process when using the app has a second step to confirm the stay and the discount is shown after the user clicks to buy the parking.

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