Residents' Associations and Community Action Groups

Within Bath and North East Somerset there are a number of Residents' Associations and Community Groups representing the interests of a particular area.

These groups may be formed because residents are concerned about a particular issue, or simply because they want to improve community spirit and make their neighbourhood a better place to live.  By coming together as a group, acting with a single voice, that voice becomes more powerful.  The Council and its partner organisations recognise the value of such groups in highlighting issues, informing decision making and playing a role in shaping the future of their communities. 

For further information about setting up a new organisation, funding and other useful information see page voluntary and community groups

Contact details and websites for many of the local groups can be found on this page and more will be added in due course.  Those interested can also contact the Communities Engagement Team in their local area for further information.


Contact person

Contact Phone Number


Ainslie’s Belvedere and Caroline Place

Nick Tobin

01225 339894

Avondale Road and Osbourne Road

Rob Richardson Chairman 

Bathwick Estate Residents’ Association

Charles Draper Chairman

01225 469602

Bathwick Hill Association

Claire Jackson

01225 464228

Batheaston Forward

Steve Frayling Chairman

Bear Flat Association

Robert Hughes

01225 310619

Beech Avenue Association

Trudy Nunn

01225 463221

Catharine Place Association

Morny Davison

01225 445000

Cavendish Crescent Association




The Cavendish Road Society

Emilio Pimentel-Reid

Circus Area Residents’ Association

Malcolm Baldwin

07584 197157 

Entry Hill Community Association

Katina Beckett

07443 415580

Foxhill Residents’ Association

Nola Edwards

07794 533075

Future Weston Community Association

Peter Heywood


Green Park

 Residents’ Association

Liz Littlewood Secretary

01225 333044

Greenway Lane Area Residents’ Forum

Carlos Ordonez Secretary

Hensley and Egerton Road Association

Diana Lockwood Acting Secretary

01225 339454

Lansdown Crescent Association

Simon Brand

01225 313972

Lower Oldfield Park Residents’ Association

Graham Feltham Chairman

01225 975829

Macaulay Buildings / Prospect Road Association

Terry Bellamy

01225 590401

Marlborough Lane and Marlborough Buildings Association

Stephen Huard Chairman

01225 469274

Mulberry Park Residents’ Association

Pulteney Estate Residents’ Association

Gavin Brown Secretary

01225 461234

Richmond Road Association

Jan Clare

01225 424169

Riverside Community Voice

Trish Fosbury

07850 946 853 

Rosewell Court Residents’ Association

Paul Roles

07463 686134

The Royal Crescent Society

Nicola Isherwood

01225 447029

Sion Hill Place Association

Russell Strachan

01225 464007

Sion Hill & Summerhill Road Residents’ Association

Michael Maude

01225 938420

Snow Hill

St James Square Bath Ltd

Sylvia Sinclair

07771 536232

St James’s Park cul-de-sac Residents’ Association

Laurie Coombs

01225 427141

Sydney Buildings Householders Association


Keren Fisher

01225 448277

TARA – The Abbey Residents Association


01225 471939 

Upper Oldfield Park Residents’ Association

Kirstie Rowlandson Secretary


01225 354189

Vineyards Residents’ Association

Patrick Rotheram

01225 316896

Widcombe Association

Alan Langton

01225 482026

Federation of Bath Residents' Associations (FOBRA) - 

Chairman: Justin Draeger, 07799 658884

Vice Chairman: Graham Feltham, 01225 975829   

 Associations and Groups in North East Somerset

For corrections to existing information or to request additional information to be added to this page please e-mail: 

Parish council contact details

North East Somerset have many Parish Councils who provide various services and support to their local communities. 

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