The Chew Valley Forum comprises the parished areas of Chelwood, Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Clutton, Compton Martin, East Harptree, Hinton Blewett, Nempnett Thrubwell, Norton Malreward, Publow and Pensford, Stanton Drew, Stowey Sutton, Temple Cloud and Cameley, Ubley, West Harptree, Whitchurch (dual membership with Keynsham Area Forum)View a map of the Forum Area.  The corresponding members are Winford and Dundry (North Somerset).

The Chew Valley Area Forum is one of five Connecting Communities Forums within Bath and North East Somerset (the others are Bath Area ForumBathavon Area ForumKeynsham Area Forum and Somer Valley Forum).  All the Forum meetings are open to the public and community group representatives as well Ward and Parish Councillors.

Bath and North East Somerset is a diverse area with differing needs and priorities.  The Council and its partners recognise this and value the local information and feedback the Forums provide as these help to shape local services.   The items discussed at Forum meetings include those the Council and its partners need to share or would like feedback on; items the Forum members themselves wish to discuss and opportunities for local organisations to share information and best practice.

The 'Connecting Communities' approach has been built around five key principles:

  • listen
  • prioritise
  • join-up
  • work with you
  • share ideas

2023 Meetings

  • Wednesday 12 July 6pm at Chew Valley School
  • Thursday 28 September 2023 - Location TBC

Recent Past Meetings (Click on the date to view the meeting on the Council's YouTube Channel)

23 February 2023

The Forum received an update on Voter ID and were asked to help promote this among their own networks.  They also had a request to help promote volunteering opportunities with the Community First Responders/South Western Area Ambulance Service Foundation Trust.  Sgt Rich Newman and PC Ross Cudd gave an update from the Police.  The Forum then welcomed Victoria Prescott, the new Chew Valley Reconnected Project Manager with the Council who explained more about the project and her role.  There was an update on the Local Plan and recent workshops held from Richard Daone, Deputy Head of Planning Policy at B&NES.  The Forum heard from the Chew Valley Area Forum Climate and Nature Emergency Working Group which sits under the auspices of the Forum.  Each of their three sub groups gave an update on recent activity.  The main agenda item was Public Transport and the Forum welcomed Malcolm Parsons, Head of Capital Delivery with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), the regional transport authority to speak out the new Westlink service.

Council Budget Engagement2 November 2022 and 3 November 2022

Wednesday 21 September 2022, 6pm

This was the Forum's AGM, with long standing Chair, Chris Head, taking the opportunity to stand down from the role after 8 years.  Chris was an exceptional Chair giving support and encouragement to all the Area Forums but particularly championing the Chew Valley and highlighting issues that affect our more rural communities.  We are delighted to announce that Cllr Heather Clewett (Stowey Sutton Parish Council), former Vice Chair has now been elected as Chair, with Cllr Lynne Easton (Chew Magna Parish Council) elected as the new Vice Chair.  We look forward to working with them.

The Ordinary Meeting was split into two themes:  Preparing for Our Future and Developing Local Resilience.  As part of Preparing for Our Future, the Forum received presentations on the Local Plan and Health & Wellbeing Strategy and Developing Liveable Neighbourhoods.  For Developing Local Resilience, there was a discussion on the Cost of Living Crisis and the local support available or being planned.   There was due to be a presentation on developing local emergency plans but this has been postponed to a future meeting as the Council's Emergency Planning Team were involved in responding to an emergency!  Presentations can be found on this page, together with the latest Police Report.

Key positions and people involved with Chew Valley Forum:

Forum Chair:  Cllr Heather Clewett

Forum Vice Chair:  Cllr Lynne Easton

Lead Officers:  Sara Dixon and Alison Wells

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