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The Chew Valley Forum comprises the parished areas of: Chelwood Chew Magna; Chew Stoke; Clutton; Compton Martin; East Harptree; Hinton Blewett; Nempnett Thrubwell; Norton Malreward; Publow and Pensford; Stanton Drew; Stowey Sutton; Temple Cloud and Cameley; Ubley; West Harptree and Whitchurch.  The corresponding members are Winford and Dundry.

The Chew Valley Forum is one of six Connecting Communities Forums within Bath and North East Somerset (the others are Bath City Forum; Bathavon North Forum; Cam Valley Forum; Keynsham Area Forum and Somer Valley Forum).  The district is a diverse area with differing needs and priorities.  The Council and its partners recognise this and value the local information and feedback the Forums provide as these help to shape local services.  All the Forum meetings are open to the public and community group representatives as well Ward and Parish Councillors.  The items discussed at meetings include those the Council and its partners need to share or would like feedback on; items the Forum members themselves wish to discuss and opportunities for local organisations to share information and best practice.

The 'Connecting Communities' approach has been built around five key principles: ‘listen, prioritise, join-up, work with you and share ideas’.  As there is now much less public funding available, local people and neighbourhoods are being asked to help run services too.  The Forums help to improve local engagement, encourage people to talk to each other and to share their skills and ideas.

Forthcoming Meeting Dates are

  • Monday 2nd November 2020, 6pm - 7.30pm via Zoom.  The theme is Climate Emergency.

All meetings usually take place in the Library at Chew Valley School, Chew Lane, Chew Magna BS40 8Q but are currently being held online.

Key positions and people involved with Chew Valley Forum:

Forum Chair:  Chris Head

Forum Vice Chair:  Cllr Heather Clewett

Lead Officers:  Sara Dixon and Alison Wells

4th August 2020

The Forum met via Zoom to discuss Response, Recovery and Resilient Communities with the council's Cabinet Member for Adult Services, Cllr Rob Appleyard and Consultant in Public Health for B&NES, Becky Reynolds.  The purpose of the meeting was to speak with local communities on how the pandemic has been for them, to ask some specific questions on how the community has worked together and the support that it has been able to give.  Also, to consider what might happen if there is a second wave and any further support needed.  The Forum also established a Working Group for Climate and Nature Emergency.  The meeting is currently available to view on the council's YouTube Channel here.

24th February 2020

The main theme of the meeting was Climate Emergency and the Forum was pleased to welcome a number of residents interested in the topic.  Attendees received an update from Bath & North East Somerset Council on progress since it declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.  The Forum was pleased to welcome three pupils from Chew Valley School's Climate Action Team who described some the activities they have organised both in and out of school.  There was a presentation from Ian Mock of Bristol Avon Rivers Trust on projects they are undertaking on the River Chew.  There were also updates from the East Harptree Environment Group and the Chew Magna Climate Emergency Working Group.  The Forum also had a presentation from Bath & West Community Energy - a not for profit community benefit society working to decrease local energy demand while increasing local generation through renewables.  In addition to this theme, the Forum also received a number of notices and heard from the local Police.  As it was the AGM, the Forum approved several new members and voted for Chris Head to continue in the role of Chair and for Cllr Heather Clewett of Stowey Sutton Parish Council to continue as Vice Chair.  The presentations given, AGM Report and Police report, can be found on the right hand side.

30th September 2019

The Forum received notices relating to forthcoming Council consultations on the Care and Support Charging and Financial FrameworkLocal Council Support Scheme and Clean Air Zone.  Also on the Chair's Community Awards; the Big Community Clean-up Litter Pick and a request from Chelwood to join the Forum.  The Police gave their regular update, which can be found on the right hand side.  The main theme of the meeting was Transport with an update from Cllr David Orme on the work of the BANES Rural Transport Group and from Chris Head on the WECA Community Transport Network. The Forum was pleased to welcome David Worskett, Chairman of CPRE Avonside to present on Bristol Airport's expansion plans and Cllr Joachim Steinbach from Wrington Parish Council on Bristol Airport's Airspace Design Changes.  The Forum welcomed the Leader of the Council, Cllr Dine Romero, who wished to introduce herself and present on the Council's priorities.  The presentations from the meeting can be found on the right hand side.

15th July 2019

A special meeting of the Forum was held to look specifically at the impact of roadworks and diversions in this area.  The meeting was attended by Cllr Neil Butters - one of the Council's Cabinet Members for Transport Services and Kelvin Packer, the Council's Group Manager for Highways.  There were also representatives from the Council's new Highways contractor Volker and from Truespeed; Gigagclear and Bristol Water.  Helpful information was provided by parishes and local organisations.  The Council will now work with local parishes to agree standard diversion routes for specific areas along with other measures designed to help mitigate the issues raised.


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