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The ‘Connecting Communities’ programme is an initiative designed to help public service providers listen to, and meet the needs of, all the diverse people and communities who live in the area.  The approach has been built around five key principles: ‘listen, prioritise, join-up, work with you and share ideas’. This initiative has come at the right time.  Getting the input of local people in order to design the right services is seen as increasingly important.  And as there is now much less public funding available, local people and neighbourhoods are being asked to help run services too.  Each area will be supported by a local ‘Forum’ that will work together to improve local engagement between the public services and the local communities and encouraging local people to talk to each other, share their skills and ideas. You are able to view the area profile for Bathavon on this page.

The Bathavon North Area Forum meeting dates

Key Positions and People involved with Bathavon North Area Forum

B&NES Sponsor B&NES Lead Officer Forum Chair  
David Trethewey Dave Dixon ( Cllr Hugh Baker 

The Parish Councils and meetings that participate in the Bathavon North Forum are:







St Catherine



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