The Bathavon North Forum comprises the parished areas of: Bathampton; Batheaston; Bathford; Charlcombe; Claverton; North Stoke; St Catherine and Swainswick.

It is one of six Connecting Communities Forums within Bath and North East Somerset (the others are Bath City ForumCam Valley ForumChew Valley ForumKeynsham Area Forum and Somer Valley Forum).  The district is a diverse area with differing needs and priorities.  The Council and its partners recognise this and value the local information and feedback the Forums provide as these help to shape local services.  All the Forum meetings are open to the public and community group representatives as well Ward and Parish Councillors.  The items discussed at meetings include those the Council and its partners need to share or would like feedback on; items the Forum members themselves wish to discuss and opportunities for local organisations to share information and best practice.

The 'Connecting Communities' approach has been built around five key principles: ‘listen, prioritise, join-up, work with you and share ideas’.  As there is now much less public funding available, local people and neighbourhoods are being asked to help run services too.  The Forums help to improve local engagement, encourage people to talk to each other and to share their skills and ideas.

3rd September 2019 Meeting

The Bathavon North forum met at Bathampton Village Hall. A clear message was delivered at this meeting, this was that everybody that lives in the locality are invited and will be welcomed to participate in this community forum.  The leader of B&NES Council, Dine Romero was present to discuss how she and her new cabinet see the priorities for the area and to discuss the importance of communities working with the Council to gain the better outcomes. Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant Adam O'Loughlin was present to update the forum on the local policing arrangements and what has been happening with reported crime in the local area. The West of England Nature Partnership provided details ot their ongoing work programme and discussed how local communities are able to become involved in this work.  The presentation documents and useful links from this meeting can be found to the right hand side of this webpage.

Links to The Bathavon North Area Forum meeting dates

Key Positions and People involved with Bathavon North Area Forum

Chair:  Councillor Kevin Guy

Lead Officers:  Dave Dixon and Mark Hayward

Upate: 17 February 2020

The West of England Bus Strategy has been released and the consultaion is now open until 15th March for your comments. The B&NES Council Corporate Strategy goes to the Cabinet meeting on 13th February, the papers are available to view on the website. 

Upate: 23 January 2020

The Bathavon Forum met on 21st January 2020, Councillor Kevin Guy took on the role of Chair for the first time. Kevin asked the Parish Councils in Bathavon North to consider working together to introduce the role of  environmental maintenance staff who would on the needs specific to their area. The idea will require some work with Parish Councils and Council Officers to scope out the remit and costings for the scheme.

The forum heard from Councillor Richard Samuel, B&NES Council Cabinet Member for Resources and Will Godfrey, B&NES Chief Executive regarding the work that has been taking place on Corporate and Budget Planning.  The presentation used is available in the documents section of this page.

Climate Emergency was the main topic for the meeting and the forum heard from Fiona Meldrum who presented the work that has taken place at Bathampton School which has seen the school awarded the gold standard award for safer routes to school. Councillor Sarah Warren,  B&NES Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services along with Jane Wildblood B&NES Corporate & Community Sustainability Manager presented on the Council work on Climate Emergency and took part in a discussion with the forum. The presentations used are available in the documents section of this page.

Some useful links that were discussed at the forum meeting are included below:

Responding to the Climate Emergency in B&NES

Parish Councils - resources for responding to the Climate and Nature Emergency

Plastic Free Communities

Energy at Home Advice Service 

Neighbourhood Planning in B&NES


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