A dashboard which maps the Bath neighbourhood CIL projects has been developed - click this link to view the dashboard

Below are some example of projects that have received approval for funding :

  • An allocation of £105,000 to fund two Student Community Wardens in Bath over the three-year period (January 2021 – December 2023). This project will support the communities which have seen high level of student accommodation delivered to the local area.


  • An allocation of £89,638 to fund Youth Service to serve the areas of Southdown and Whiteway in Bath over the three-year period (April 2020 – April 2023). This project will support the wider needs for increased and better youth provision across the City

  • An allocation of £123,215.58 towards the cost of access improvements for the new pavilion and sports facilities at Glasshouse. This project will provide improved road infrastructure to support the new sports facilities being provided. 

  • £27,941 from the Bath CIL neighbourhood portion was allocated to support the funding for retaining a bike mechanic at the Julian House bike workshop and to make improvements to the workshop frontage.


  • A £34,500 allocation from the Bath CIL neighbourhood portion for Bathwick Towpath Improvement Project Application. This project has provided improvements to the infrastructure along the towpath which is used by residents for walking and cycling to and from the City Centre. The new residential developments that are being built near to this site will bring even greater demand in the use of this popular gateway to the City.

  • £5,000 for a contribution towards the installation of a handrail at the end of Widcombe Parade, Bath.

  • £19,200 for the replacement and installation of 22 new benches for Queens Square in the centre if the City.

  • The road junction and pavement improvements on Marlborough Buildings and Weston Road have been completed and have provided a much improved junction and a safer place for pedistrians to cross the roads. The £70,000 that was allocated allowed B&NES Council to complete this project to a high standard, this juction serves road links that connects to new housing developments close to the site.

  • Bath Festival of Nature was the first day of a week-long programme of events for Festival of Nature 2018. The venue of Green Park proved to be a strong location for an outdoor family friendly festival which attracted 2554 visitors. The £7,500 which was awarded allowed this event to be delivered in an area of Bath which has undergone considerable devleopment.  

  • The Canal & River Trust were allocated £28,500 to purchase a Community Workboat to carry out maintainance along the River Avon. The project will see the river banks and emergency life saving equipment maintained along the river corridor which is seeing a great deal of development taking place. The project will  offer volunteering and wellbeing opportunities to the community.

  • £43,200 has been allocated for work to be completed at Alice Park in the Lambridge. Plans have been drawn up for the improvement to the paths that will be joined up which run around the parks perimiter.   
  • £3,500 has been allocated to the Bathscape Walking Festival 2018. This project will deliver health and wellbing benefits as well as bringing communities together through the events that are be planned for Bath from 15 September 2018.   
  • £4,200 has been allocated to improve access for on site emergency vehicles that need to attend avents such as Relish Running at the Brickfield Park in Bath.
  • £19,600 has been allocated for improvements to be made to the Larkhall Scouts facilities. The works improve the infrustructure and allow the younger members of a developing community to benefit from a better access to activities. 
  • £25,000 has been allocated for work to take place in 2019 at Free Fields (part of Rainbow Woods) in the Foxhill area of Bath.  The work to restore the pathways in the woodland will enable the growing population in this area have access to a place that offers health and wellbing benefits.
  • £5,000 has been allocated for to road safety at the junction of Claverton Down Road and Oakley (BA2 6DT) and the approaches to this junction from the directions of Bathwick Hill, Widcombe Hill and the entrance to the University of Bath. This funding will provide signage for reducing the speed of traffic in the area.


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