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The Bath Area Forum will be one of five Connecting Communities Forums within Bath and North East Somerset (the others are Bathavon Area ForumChew Valley Area ForumKeynsham Area Forum and Somer Valley Forum). The Bath Area Forum will have an open-door approach, this will welcome everybody to take part no matter what background they come from.   

Bath Area Forum will be aim to:

  • Be a place for discussion to take place about the issues that affect Bath.
  • To provide people with a place to present new ideas that are not being heard elsewhere.
  • The opportunity to for the community to feedback about their local services.

We are setting out with an approach that has worked well in areas outside of Bath.  We will be listening and adapting the needs of the forum as we learn what people want and find useful. 

Nicolette Boater has agreed to take on the role of Chair for Bath Area Forum. Below is an introduction from Nicolette, should you need to contact her by e-mail - 

Creating thriving and resilient places is central to my work as a policy, business strategy & sustainability adviser, and close to my heart as a member of three generations of a family living in the landscape city of Bath. But ensuring such wellbeing and resilience in the face of the systemic ecological, social and economic challenges that cities and communities across the globe are and will face over the coming decades, requires local authorities and the residents they serve to build common cause and collaborate like never before. Although such purposeful collaboration is far from easy, I am excited by the potential of the newly-forming open, inclusive and citizen-led Bath Area Forum to enable and empower it. And so I am greatly looking forward to welcoming many and diverse voices to the co-creation of the future we desire for the interconnected communities and places that comprise our city.  

If you are interested in taking on the Vice Chair role we would need you to simply send us an e-mail with the reasons why you are interested and a little detail about yourself  please contact us or

2022 Meeting Dates

To view the most recent meeting, click on the date:

2nd February 2022, 6pm

The Forum heard from a number of youth organisations working across the City.

16th June 2022, 6pm

Register in advance for this meeting

12th September 2022, 6pm

Register in advance for this meeting

For your information:

  • To view previous meetings of other forums,  these recordings are available at the Council You Tube Channel.
  • To find future and past webinars, please visit the Council Website
  • To become involved in the B&NES Climate & Biodiversity Festival (13-26 September) please visit the Council Newsroom

Council Officers Contact Information

Dave Dixon – Community Engagement Manager – People and Policy

Bath & North East Somerset Council

Tel: 01225 396532


Mark Hayward - Community Engagement Officer – People and Policy

Bath & North East Somerset Council

Tel: 01225 396975


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