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Bath Area Forum - 24th November 2020

The Bath Area Forum has taken over the role of community engagement from its predecessor The Bath City Forum. The Bath Area Forum will have an open-door approach which will welcome everybody to take part no matter what background they come from.  The initial aim for the Bath Area Forum will be to become the place for Bath People to come to be part of discussions that affect them.

The forum will not have a formal membership and will be run in a similar way to other Area Forums that operate across North East Somerset.     

The first meeting of The Bath Area Forum will be hosting a discussion with the Council on ‘Response, Recovery and Resilient Communities’. We will be joined by Dine Romero, Leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council and Bruce Lawrence, Director of Public Health.

There are a number of questions to aid the  forums discussion: -
• A reflection on the community support – what has worked well and what didn’t?
• What can we do to keep behaviour’s good and levels of infection low?
• What can we do to ensure people with mental health issues have the right support?
• What can we do to respond if cases started to creep up in BaNES or on a nationwide basis?
• How can we support our local businesses to get up and running safely and encourage people to shop more locally?
• What can we do to respond quickly and decisively if there are localised outbreaks in specific neighbourhoods or population groups?

Council Officer Contact Details: 

Dave Dixon - Community Engagement Manager 01225 396532 or 

Mark Hayward - Community Engagement Officer 01225 396975 or 

Follow on Twitter @BathAreaForum 






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