Our brand new mobile library will be out and about in early June doing some test runs before we officially launch it. The new mobile library is bright, spacious and packed with a great range of books, technology enabling you to access council and partner services online including Libraries West which has millions of books and resources you can reserve – all contained in the new vehicle.

In the interim, our current mobile vehicle needs a lot of repair work and has had to be taken off the road. It is too costly to repair as we are very close to the delivery of the new vehicle; instead we will be providing a reduced service from Monday 8th April until our new mobile library is on the road in June.

The service will still visit the usual routes though there will be a smaller selection of books from which to choose. The click and collect service will still be in full operation.

We apologise for any temporary inconvenience this may cause.

21st May 2019 - Please note that the mobile library will not be operational on Thursday 6th June, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions about the timetable, please speak to mobile library staff or call Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41.

Route 1 - Monday

Visit dates: 27 May (Bank Holiday, no service), 10 June, 24 June

Combe Down Hawthorn Grove 10.00am - 10.45am
Combe Down The Firs 11.00am - 12.30pm
1.00pm - 2.30pm
Odd Down Chelwood Drive 2.45pm - 3.05pm
Odd Down Upper Bloomfield Road 3.20pm - 4.00pm

Route 2 - Tuesday

Visit dates: 28 May, 11 June, 25 June

Wellow Village Hall 10.00am - 10.15am
Wellow Manor Close 10.25am - 10.55am
Peasedown St. John Eckweek Gardens 11.05am - 11.20am
Peasedown St John Wellow Tyning 11.30am - 11.45am
Peasedown St John Youth Centre/School 11.50am - 12.30pm
1.00pm - 1.40pm
Peasedown St John Camvale 1.50pm - 2.10pm
Peasedown St John Hillcrest 2.15pm - 2.35pm
Peasedown St John Beacon Hill 2:45pm - 3:05pm
Writhlington Hanover Court 3.20pm - 3.50pm

Route 3 - Wednesday

Visit dates: 29 May, 12 June, 26 June

Hunstrete Telephone Box 1.00pm - 1.15pm
Norton Malreward 1.35pm - 1.50pm
Pensford Memorial Hall 2.05pm - 3.20pm
Pensford Hillcrest 3.25pm - 3.45pm

Route 4 - Thursday

Visit dates: 30 May, 13 June, 27 June

Marksbury Village Hall 9.50am - 10.25am
Priston 10.35am - 10.55am
Tunley Overdale 11.00am - 11.15am
Camerton Village Hall 11.20am - 11.50am
Timsbury Lansdown View 11.55am - 12.25pm
Timsbury Conygre Hall 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Timsbury Greenvale Drive 3.05pm - 3.35pm
Timsbury Southlands Drive 3.40pm - 4.00pm

Route 5 - Friday

Visit dates: 31 May, 14 June, 28 June

Stanton Drew Tarnwell 10.00am - 10.15am
Stanton Drew Sandy Lane Village Hall 10.25am - 11.00am
Chew Magna Lower Batch 11.05am - 11.20am
Chew Magna Pines Court 11.30am - 12.15pm
Chew Magna Sacred Heart 12.25pm - 12.45pm
Chew Stoke Blind Lane 1.30pm - 1.45pm
Chew Stoke Mill Lane (for school) 1.50pm - 3.45pm

Route 6 - Monday

Visit dates: 3 June, 17 June

West Harptree Village Centre 10.00am - 10.15am
Compton Martin Ring O'Bells Pub 10.20am - 10.40am
Compton Martin Mendip Villas 10.45am - 11.00am
Ubley The Street 11.10am - 11.25am
Ubley Village Hall 11.30am - 11.55am
Ubley School 12.00 noon - 12.30pm
Hinton Blewett Lower Road 1.35pm - 1.50pm
East Harptree Currell Buildings 2.05pm - 2.35pm
Bishop Sutton Highmead Gardens/Parkfield 2.50pm - 3.20pm
Bishop Sutton Woodcroft 3.25pm - 3.45pm
Bishop Sutton Top Sutton 3.50pm - 4.10pm

Route 7 -Tuesday

Visit dates: 21 May, 4 June, 18 June

Farmborough The Street 10.00am - 10.20am
Farmborough Tilley Close 10.25am - 10.40am
Farmborough Hobbs Wall 10.50am - 11.10am
High Littleton Rotcombe 11.25am - 11.45am
Farrington Gurney Hill View 11.55am - 12.10pm
Cameley/Temple Cloud Molly Close 1.05pm - 1.20pm
Temple Cloud Goldney Way 1.25pm - 1.40pm
Clutton Rogers Close 1.50pm - 2.05pm
Clutton Station Road (for school) 2.10pm - 3.40pm
Clutton Upper Bristol Road 3.45pm - 4.00pm

Route 8 - Wednesday

Visit dates: 22 May, 5 June, 19 June

Batheaston Avon Court 10.00am - 10.35am
Bathford School/Nursery 10.45am - 11.20am
Bathford Mountain Wood 11.25am - 11.40am
Batheaston London Road East 11.50am - 12.15pm
Newbridge St John's Almshouses 1.35pm - 1.55pm
Newbridge Partis Way 2.05pm - 2.15pm
Newbridge/Combe Park Meadow Court 2.25pm - 2.50pm
Newbridge Selbourne Close 2.55pm - 3.15pm
Newton St Loe Village Centre 3.25pm - 3.35pm

Route 9 - Thursday

Visit dates: 23 May, *6 June (not in operation)*, 20 June

Bathampton The Harbutts 10.00am - 10.20am
Bathampton Holcombe Lane 10.25am - 10.55am
Freshford Village Hall 11.15am - 1.20pm
Hinton Charterhouse Cricket Club 2.00pm - 2.25pm
Bathampton Devonshire Road 2.40pm - 3.00pm
Bathampton Bathampton School 3.10pm - 3.50pm

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