Reason for policy

The mobile phone policy outlines our procedures regarding use of mobile phones in libraries. We recognise that mobile phones play an important part in the lives of people, so welcome their use within the limits outlined below.

Limits for use are: 

  • Texting is permitted at anytime as long as handset is on silent or vibrate
  • Mobile phones may be used for emergency situations and for short calls up to 30 seconds
  • Lengthy calls over 30 seconds should be held outside the library. Staff will be encouraged to ask customers to leave the library to take long calls
  • Mobile phones should be on silent or vibrate If we hear a mobile phone ringing we will ask the user to turn it off or put it on silent
  • No voice calls of any nature are to be taken in the Quiet study area

Who does it apply to?

  • To any library user
  • Any staff member

What should I do if I feel the policy has been broken?

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