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School Crossing Patrols were introduced across Britain back in 1953 with the passing of the School Crossing Patrol Act.

Here in Bath we have a long history with school crossing patrols (or lollipop men and women), records show that Britain had its first ever Lollipop lady when one Mrs Hunt was appointed by Bath City Corporation on September 21 1937.

Even after all these years School Crossing Patrols are highly valued by the schools and communities they work for.  They play a key part in road safety ensuring a safe journey to and from school for hundreds of child and adult pedestrians.

With the busy traffic across our Authority it takes a special type of person to stop the traffic in order so pedestrians can cross the road safely.  The role of a lollipop person is at a suitable time,  hold up the sign to stop moving traffic, walk to the middle of the road and ask the waiting pedestrians to cross.  Traffic is required by law to stop when the sign is raised. Traffic may only move when the patrol is back on the footway with the sign lowered and it is safe to continue driving.

As a school crossing patrol or ‘lollipop’ person you would be working at one of our 36 sites across the authority.

As part of your duties you could be expected to:

  • Assess when it is safe to stop traffic
  • Help children and adults to cross the road safely
  • Control children who are waiting to cross the road
  • Work in all weather conditions.
  • Identify and report faults with hazard warning lights
  • Report vehicles who fail to stop to your supervisor and/or the police
  • Complete paperwork on accidents or incidents that happen while on duty

If you love working outdoors, enjoy helping and meeting people, a job as a lollipop person could be exactly what you’re looking for.  We pay an hourly rate of £8.84.

You’ll need to:

  • Be friendly but assertive when dealing with people
  • Have good time keeping skills and be reliable
  • Be able to work on your own and using your own initiative
  • Be physically fit, walking, standing for over an hour and holding sign weighing 2 kilos

We’ll provide you with an instantly recognisable uniform and the famous Lollipop sign.   The before you start work you’ll receive a range of training covering

  • child protection
  • How to operate a pedestrian crossing including  how to use your Stop sign or ‘lollipop’
  • School crossing patrol laws, rules and regulations.
  • Personal and Public Health Safety

Want to find out more

The National Careers Service has further information about the role of a school crossing patrol person.

Request a call back

To request a call back to discuss any questions you have about any roles available and the application process, please contact: Beryl Miles Tel: 01225 394922, Email:;

Schools across our Authority need you to Apply

Our current Permanent vacancies are based at these schools:

Our current Temporary Vacancy is based at:

To Apply

You can apply for a role at any of those schools via our Job Website - Permanent School Crossing Patrol Vacancy

In addition to permanent positions, we urgently need casual staff across the authority, so if you can spare a few hours a week then you can apply via this link - Casual School Crossing Patrol

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