Are you considering the next steps in your career?  Want to continue learning and training whilst earning a wage?  Have you considered an apprenticeship?

Since April 2017 Government reforms have meant changes to funding and delivery of apprenticeships to meet the national target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.  This means that, as well as contributing to an apprenticeship levy, the Council, as a public sector body, has a target set by the Government to increase the number of people starting an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships have changed

No matter your age you are welcome to apply for the various roles on offer.  Going to university is no longer the only route to gain a degree as you can now do a degree apprenticeship – minus the debt of course.  

Range of roles

We are committed to increasing the number of apprenticeships we offer and the occupations available are growing to meet the diverse range of services we deliver to the community.  From business administration to civil engineering to paralegals, there really is an opportunity to suit everyone.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Instead of us writing reams of information, here's a great 2 page pdf from - A guide to apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Myths

The below video put together by our Digital Learning Design Apprentice looks at a few "myths" about apprenticeships.

Pay Rates

An Apprenticeship is a job with training, this means that you’ll have a job that includes developing new skills and knowledge whilst working and earning money.

The government set out the minimum rates of pay for apprentices we as an authority choose to pay above these rates.  The amount you earn will vary dependent on your age and the level of apprenticeship you are doing, these pay rates are shown on this document.

Apprenticeships roles available

We advertise our roles on our jobs website -

If you cannot see the apprenticeship you are interested in, you can set up a job alert as we recruit all year round.

You can also search more widely on the - Find an apprenticeship site

Our Apprenticeship Partner

We work in close partnership with Bath College and they are our preferred apprenticeship partner.

Apprenticeship Targets

As we are a public sector body with over 250 staff we have a target to employ an average of at least 2.3% of their staff as new apprentice starts over the periods of 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2021.

Our submission for the period 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018 – has been uploaded to the National Apprentice Service portal / Department for Education.

We are required to publish information annually showing progress towards the target.

This document provides a summary of the information submitted and has been compiled in conjunction with the guidance document entitled "Meeting the Public Sector Apprenticeship Target – Statutory guidance for bodies in scope of the Public Sector Apprenticeship Target"

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