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Are you the owner of an empty property? Find out how we can help and why we take action.

Do you know of an empty property? Learn about why you should report them and how to do it.


Financial support is available, contact the Empty Property officer to discuss VAT reductions or Small Works Grants. For information on Empty Property loans:


  • What do we do?

    We take action on residential empty properties to help bring them back into use.

    If you are aware of a vacant property impacting on the community:


No Use Empty is our website full of information on bringing empty homes back into use via renovation, renting or selling. Whether you own an empty property, wish to buy an empty property or if you want to report an empty property you will find useful information, advice and contacts to help you.

Our Empty Residential Property Policy explains how we bring properties back into use by providing owners with advice and guidance, financial assistance and by taking legal action.

For further advice and information please contact:

Debbie Freeman, Empty Property Officer
01225 39 6411 or

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