How licensing helps tenants

If you are a tenant of a licensed HMO or thinking of living in one, then you can be reassured that the Council is aware of the property and where necessary is working with the landlord to ensure it is safe, well managed and provides sufficient facilities for you such as toilets and kitchen facilities.  A consistent approach to safety and property conditions will be applied for tenants living within the area. 

You can see which HMOs have a licence by viewing the public register

  • You will be fully aware of recycling and rubbish collection days as a notice should be displayed in your home
  • You should be provided with sufficient containers for recycling and rubbish.
  • You should be aware of your responsibilities as a tenant.
  • You should have 24 hour/out of office contact details for your manager and a copy of the current licence.
  • Your landlord must provide you with a copy of the latest gas safety certificate every 12 months.
  • Your electrical installation must be checked by a qualified electrical contractor every 5 years.
  • Your home must have working fire alarms.
  • Your home will be suitable and big enough for the tenants.

If any of the above items are not present or you have any concerns about your home then contact Housing Services by:


Tel:                  01225 396444


How Licensing helps local residents

Housing Services will have up to date information on HMOs, where they are and who owns and manages them.  This will allow Housing Services to quickly respond to concerns you have about licensed HMOs and liaise with other agencies to make improvements.

More professional management of HMOs in your local community will be encouraged.  This will lead to HMOs becoming safer and the impact from them in terms of recycling, rubbish, garden maintenance and appearance being improved. 

Local residents will also have easy access to a public register of HMOs so they can find out where they are and who manages them to allow any problems to be tackled quickly.  Please see ‘How can I find out if a property is licensed?’ for access to the register.

The management of licensed HMOs will be improved which is designed not only to improve the properties for the occupants abut also reduce the impact that large concentrations of HMOs have on the local area.

How Licensing helps landlords

We understand that up front it is hard to see the benefits if you are already a good landlord; there will be a costs and the licensing application process is not a simple one.  There will also be new conditions and standards to consider.  However we think that over the longer term you will start to see the positives. 

Poorer landlords will find that they are having to invest heavily and make significant improvements to stay in the HMO market in the scheme area.  Landlords who fail to bring their properties up to standard will face robust enforcement action, something demanded by responsible landlords and local residents when consulted.

As the area is maintained and improved, your property investments will be secured.  

A level playing field for Landlords.  Those who are not considered “fit and proper” by the Local Authority because of a criminal record or history of poor housing management may not be permitted to hold a licence.  All HMOs within the selected area will be inspected and checked to ensure minimum standards are met.

As a landlord you will be able to demonstrate that you manage a good quality HMO when marketing it as a licensed property.

Advice and assistance will be available from Housing Services:


Tel:                  01225 396444


The West of England housing website has also been developed as a resource where the local Landlord Manual can be downloaded and the landlord proficiency test can be accessed


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