The Bath and North East Somerset Homelessness Partnership meets bi-monthly to share good practice and support homeless people into housing, employment and good health.  Members help the council to develop and monitor a Homelessness Strategy and delivery plan.  Please read our reports for more information.

Homelessness Partnership Report 15-17

Annual Report Homelessness Partnership

Homelessness Strategy 2014-2018 

 Our major challenges include:

  • ·         Demand for affordable housing currently significantly outstrips supply
  • ·         High housing costs both for rent or purchase
  • ·         Increased pressures on household incomes
  • ·         Meeting the needs of all residents across the whole geographical area
  • ·         Meeting the needs of households with complex needs
  • ·         Increasing problems in accessing private rented accommodation
  • ·         Developing solutions to future funding constraints
  • ·         Improving communications, knowledge and managing expectations

During the next five years we plan to strengthen our corporate commitment to prevent homelessness through the influence and scrutiny of the Health and Wellbeing Board.  We will work with extended partnerships to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness such as low income and worklessness which affect the most disadvantaged people in our communities.   We plan to build on our successful approach to homelessness prevention, improve pathways into settled accommodation and make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of homeless people.

Rough sleeping 2016

 Homelessness Partnership


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