Carrswood View is the gypsy and traveller site in Bath.  The site has 8 permanent pitches and 5 transit pitches managed by Elim Housing for the council. All pitch applications are individually assessed according to the Gypsy and Traveller Allocation Scheme  

To apply for a transit pitch

Phone Elim Housing: 01454 411172 

To apply for a permanent pitch

You need to complete an online application by entering information about yourself and your family onto Homesearch (the council’s register of housing needs).    

Tick the box that asks if you are a gypsy or traveller seeking a pitch.

Site information

Carrswood View is located on the Lower Bristol Road in south west Bath.  It is a 30 minute walk from the centre of Bath and has good access to public transport, shops, schools and local services. 

Site facilities include:

    • hard standing for a caravan
    • space to park a car and a second caravan
    • utility block (bathing facilities, kitchen and lounge area)
    • shed for storage
    • secure mailbox.

 Plan of the site 

Local services phone book for gypsy and travelling families


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