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Loans and grants for essential repairs and improvement works or disabled adaptations are available to people with a low income who are vulnerable, disabled, elderly or who have young children.

If you don't qualify for loans and grants we may still be able to provide advice.

Loans are subject to status. Missing payments could affect your credit rating and ability to obtain credit in the future. 

We Care can help you apply for loans and grants and provide expertise and support if you are facing bigger building works or repair jobs.

Grants and Loans are available for homeowners, tenants and landlords to improve the condition and energy efficiency of their homes

Home energy loan

Apply for a home energy loan from Wessex Resolutions   

  • Loans from £500 - £15,000 not subject to low income or vulnerability criteria.
  • Repayment term of between 6 months to 15 years. 
  • Fixed interest rate throughout the term of the loan and typical 4.2% APR
  • ​Call our Energy at Home Advice Line on 0800 038 5680 for advice and information

Affordable warmth grant

Home improvement loan  

Apply for a home improvement loan from Wessex Resolutions   

  • Helps home owners pay for essential repairs that make their home safe to live in
  • The maximum loan is £15,000
  • You must be either over 60 or have a disability or a long term limiting illness or have a child 18 or under.
  • Arrange a home visit to see if the repairs qualify.  
  • A choice of payback options. The interest rate is 4.4%.
  • Loans are subject to approval by the Council's Housing Services 

Urgent repair grant

  • Helps home owners pay for essential repairs , for example to fix a broken boiler or dangerous electrics.
  • The maximum grant is £1,000
  • You must be either over 60 or have a disability or a long term limiting illness.
  • Call We Care on 0300 323 0700 to ask for an Urgent Repair Grant
  • An officer from Care and Repair will arrange a home visit to see if the repairs qualify

Disabled facilities grant

Contact the Assist Team on 01225 396000 to ask for an occupational therapy assessment  

  • An occupational therapist will assess your needs and decide what adaptations are necessary. 
  • A Housing Officer from the Council will arrange a home visit to check that the proposed works are reasonable and practical.  They will help you with your grant application.
  • A Disabled Facilities Grant helps you pay for adaptations such as stairlifts and walk in showers.
  • The maximum grant is £30,000.

Equipment such as a commode, perching stool, raised toilet seat, chair or bed raisers or arrange minor alterations (rails or small ramp) can be provided to help you:

  • Climb your stairs
  • get on and off your chair, bed or toilet
  • get in and out of your bath
  • get in and out of your home



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