Who can be a Supported Lodgings Provider?

We need people from all walks of life and from all kinds of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to become Supported Lodgings Providers.  Young people come from diverse backgrounds and it is important that this is reflected in the lodgings that are available.  As a Supported Lodgings Provider you could be:

  • A family, a couple living together, a single person male or female
  • Working or unemployed
  • Disabled or able-bodied

Being a Supported Lodgings Provider is not about having particular qualifications – it’s more about having the special skills and qualities we are looking for.  Supported Lodgings Providers get on with teenagers and enjoy their company.  They are warm, caring and patient individuals who also have a good sense of humour.  They have a good understanding of the issues facing young people and are prepared to be advocates for them.  Supported Lodgings Providers want to make a positive difference in a young person’s life.  It may be that you have the skills and qualities we are looking for because you have children of your own, or because you have experience of working with young people. 

We ask that all Supported Lodgings Providers are fully assessed including having health and criminal background checks and you must be able to provide references. Your home will be inspected to make sure it is safe and secure and we will give you advice to deal with anything that needs to be changed.  Find out more...

You must be in good health, have a spare room and be willing to share your home with a young person. If this sounds anything like you, we would love to hear from you!

What’s in it for me?

We provide considerable financial support to Lodgings Providers who accommodate young people, our basic rate is £175.00 per week. 

Supporting young people in this way is an exciting and rewarding experience in itself, but we will, of course, pay you for your services.  In return for providing accommodation and support to a young person, Bath & North East Somerset Council will pay you a weekly allowance depending on the type of accommodation you provide.  This includes the young people making a weekly contribution to help them get used to budgeting.  In addition to financial reward, you will also be given regular training, support and supervision by an allocated Social Worker or the Accommodation Officer to help you deal with some of the issues facing young people. 

Training and support for Supported Lodgings Providers

We recognise that training and support must be made available to Supported Lodgings Providers if they are to fulfil their role.  Whilst preparing to be a Supported Lodgings Provider you will be required to complete the mandatory training element of the Assessment Process.  This will cover areas such as young people’s issues, confidentiality and working in partnership, as well as provide information on the legal aspects of becoming a Supported Lodgings Provider. 

Being a Supported Lodgings Provider may be frustrating and challenging at times.  While you may have the support of family and friends, it is important to have access to professional support, too.  The Social Worker - Supported Lodgings is responsible for supporting Supported Lodgings Providers and will be able to help you to identify and address your support and training needs. You will meet with the Social Worker - Supported Lodgings on a monthly basis when you have a young person lodging with you. 

The young person will have help, too. She or he will have a Social Worker or Support Worker, and it will be your role to work in partnership with these services to support the young person in developing the skills they need together. 

It can also be helpful to share any difficulties or problems with other Supported Lodgings Providers who may be able to offer support.  We organise a system whereby some experienced Supported Lodgings Providers can discuss their role with newly assessed Supported Lodgings Providers to build confidence and share ideas.

Becoming a Supported Lodgings Provider Leaflet

If you are interested in becoming a Supported Lodgings Provider, please contact us for further information on 01225 477940 or email supported_lodgings@bathnes.gov.uk.

We work closely with the Fostering Team.  If you would like to find out more about fostering young people visit the adoption and fostering pages.


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