The Supported Lodgings Scheme is for 16-21 year olds who are homeless or leaving care.  It works best for young people who want to develop their independence, while benefiting from a stable family home.

How does it work?

You rent a room for up to two years in the home of a Supported Lodging Provider, who will help you to learn the skills needed to live independently, from cooking and washing to managing money.  You are part of the family and share the home. 

If you are homeless you rent an emergency room for up to 4 weeks until you can move back home or somewhere more settled.  This is called Supported Lodgings Emergency Placement and you will be able to use a Time to Talk which is a mediation service for families going through difficulties.

How can I apply to live in supported lodgings?

You have to be referred by a social worker or by someone professional who is supporting you.  If you think you need help and advice to apply for supported lodgings please call Children's Family Care Team on 01225 396312 or 01225 396313

Supported Lodgings Leaflet

More information about being a Supported Lodging Provider

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