Photography copyright Resource Futures - Pupils conducting an energy audit

Resource Futures worked with Bath & North East Somerset to design an Environmental Review for primary pupils, divided into 5 questionnaires. This sounds complicated, but it makes things much easier for young children. The main questionnaire contains questions that should be easy for pupils to answer themselves. (They may need to do some investigation around the school first.) There are also four much shorter questionnaires with questions that pupils will need to ask key members of staff: the caretaker, the headteacher, the office staff and the kitchen staff.

Additionally they have provided three spot check documents suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3. These can be used by eco-teams in monitoring and reviewing energy use around the school.

The guidelines, questionnaires and spot checks can be downloaded below:

Teacher guidelines

Child questionnaire

Caretaker questionnaire

Headteacher questionnaire

Kitchen staff questionnaire

Office staff questionnaire

KS1 Electricity Spot Check

KS2-3 Electricity Spot Check

Heat Spot Check

Go to the Sustainability schools page for more information about what your school can do to reduce carbon emissions and save energy costs.

Photograph © Resource Futures

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