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Bath and North East Somerset area benefits from a unique and outstanding natural environment. 

The Council declared an Ecological Emergency in July 2020, along side the Climate Emegency declaraion made in March 2019.

See also the Green Infrastructure Strategy, that provides a framework to work with partners and the community to make the most of the benefits that the natural environment can and should be providing for people, places and nature within and beyond the district

How is the green environment important to greener living?

It providing many valuable services including:

  • Limiting the causes of climate change and helping cities cope with its impacts. Green spaces absorb carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases and help us to adapt to changes in the climate by providing shade, shelter, water and drainage. As well as regulating temperature and providing the space and resources for local food production;
  • Providing natural habitats for wildlife key to ecosystems;
  • Providing attractive, natural places for residents and visitors to enjoy. It is proven that access to the natural environment is important for mental and physical health and well-being.
  • Enhancing social interaction and community cohesion and it has been shown that it can help to reduce crime;
  • Helping to tackle air pollution by absorbing harmful gases from traffic exhuast emissions. High levels of polluting gases can be harmful to respiratory health and bad for the environment. Find out what the Council is doing to improve air quality in Bath and North East Somerset


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