Mead Lane Mooring Trial, Saltford

Mead Lane, Saltford, is a beautiful and iconic location. The river there has been used for transport and recreation for many years. Bath and North East Somerset Council owns the Mead Lane river-bank and wishes to make a decision on its long term use. The independent consultation and review has been commissioned to inform this decision. The review will reflect on the temporary mooring trial which ended last year and, importantly, produce a range of options for the future. Key to the success of this consultation will be the extent of public participation. Bath and North East Somerset Council wishes to thank everyone who took part in the survey. The consultation period has now closed, and Bath and North East Somerset Council is considering all of the issues raised by over 1250 people who participated.  This will be considered by cabinet on 16th January 2020 - see links below

Cabinet meeting 16th January 2020 Item 15. Mead Lane, Saltford moorings:

Last updated: 13 January 2020

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