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Saskia’s story

Enjoying an electric cargo bike with her family

Cycling is my favourite way to get around Bath. It is cheap, quick and fun. As a bonus, our children love it too!

I like being outdoors and cycling gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I’ve cycled to school and university in my home country the Netherlands, and later to work in Paris and in Edinburgh.


Robin’s story

Reaping the benefits of owning a ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV)

I work at the council in Bath and live in Vobster near Radstock, about 14 miles away. Although I sometimes ride my bike to work through the two tunnels, most of the time I drive to the park and ride at Odd Down.

Until recently I had an old LDV van called ‘Ludwig’ that was the most useful vehicle I’ve ever owned, but the running costs were rapidly increasing and it was nearing the end of its life. It was also a dirty diesel and fuel inefficient – so not good for my green credentials.



Natalie’s story

Tackling the steep hills in Bath with her electric bike

I’m Natalie, a 52-year-old woman who lives at the top of a very steep hill in Bath. I have always loved cycling, but when I moved here I looked at the hills and put my bike away!

About five years ago, however, I discovered electric bikes. They were ideal for me because they offer assistance even on the steepest inclines.


Stephen’s story

Bringing zero-emission deliveries to Bath

When I discovered quite how serious the air pollution problem had become in this city, I wanted to play a part in addressing it.

So when I founded Three Bags Full - Bath’s only zero-emissions last mile delivery service - it was with the very simple goal of making a difference to the environment and quality of life here.



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