Live Air Quality Data in Bath:

We are working on new dials in co-ordination with the revamp of the Council's website.  The data is still being collected and live data is available via the links below and available retrospectively via the Annual Status Report (see Reports). 

Disclaimer: Please note, the following links provide RAW data, direct from the monitors. It has not been corrected to account for monitor drift or equipment failures, some data may therefore show non-representative values. The data is for information only. Levels exceeding the long term annual average objective (40 micrograms per cubic metre for NO2) may be classed as 'low' based on the national short term objectives (Daily Air Quality Index).

Recent data from the live monitoring sites can be downloaded as a .csv file here

The monitoring site on London Road ('Bath A4 Roadside') provides live data for nitrogen dioxide as part of the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) and the latest raw data for the last hour is available here.  A graph of the last 7 days of raw data is available here

For an air quality forecast, visit

Bath and North East Somerset Council also have a network of over 160 diffusion tubes locations across the area, these measure monthly nitrogen dioxide concentrations.  These are collected once a month and taken to a laboratory.  The data for these diffusion tubes is contained in the Annual Status Report and mapped on our 'Air Quality Data - Long-Term' page.

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