Bath and North East Somerset Council Does Not provide a pest control service for the treatment of squirrels but please read the following information for some guidance.

The Grey Squirrel is found in a wide range of habitats from urban parks and gardens to rural woodland.  They forage for food on the ground and in easy reach trees.  They breed twice a year and have their young in dreys (nests are made of twigs and leaves). They can also breed in roof spaces where they use the loft insulation or other available material.  They have two litters a year, the first in either February or March and the second between June and July.  The usual size of the litter is three or four, and the young are independent from the age of about three months.

The grey squirrel is classified as a rodent and not vermin. Grey Squirrels can cause a considerable amount of damage if they live in your roof area. There is the noise factor and they have a tendency to gnaw electrical cabling which could cause a fire to break out.

The Law

Grey Squirrels have limited legal protection and can be controlled all year round by a variety of methods including shooting, trapping and poisoning.  It is an offence under section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to introduce and release grey squirrels into the wild.

The Council is not responsible for solving problems relating to squirrels and cannot offer further advice.


1.    How can I discourage squirrels from living in the roof space?

2. How can I get rid of squirrels nesting in my roof space?

3. Where can I find a private contractor that deals with squirrels?

Where can I go for advice?


1. Ensure that all holes into the roof space are blocked up to prevent squirrels getting in.

2. The following is a possible cause of action to evict squirrels from the roof space:

1             Locate where the squirrels are entering.

2             Whilst the squirrels are out of the nest (normally in the morning) block off the access point.  It is often advisable to make a noise inside the loft to drive any “stragglers” out.

3             If you still hear noises, then unblock the hole again as soon as possible as a youngster may be trapped inside.  The mother squirrel will call to the infant and move it to a nest elsewhere.

4             Block up the holes again.

Alternatively, you may need to contact a private pest control company that can treat squirrels.

3. Bath and North East Somerset Council DO NOT treat squirrels. However you may be able to find one by looking in local telephone directories under Pest Control Services. Unfortunately we are not able to recommend a particular service.

4. The Natural England  web site contains a considerable amount of information about squirrels including a frequently asked questions section. Please follow the link to Natural England  for further information and guidance on Squirrels.  Local pest control companies are able to help treat squirrels who take up residence in your roof space.



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