Bath and North East Somerset Council Does Not provide a pest control service for the treatment of Slugs and Snails.


  1. What do they look like?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What do they eat?
  4. Are they a health hazard?
  5. Can they be a problem?
  6. How can I control them?
  7. What products can I use to get rid of them?
  8. How do I use the insecticide safely?


  1. Slugs and snails are plant eating molluscs which are pests in the garden and on farms. Snails have shells on their backs.
  2. They live in the garden under plant pots, beneath damp refuse, in hedgerows and damp cellars. They mainly come out at night and you can tell this by the slimy trails they leave.
  3. They eat plants and vegetables in the garden and in the house.
  4. They are not a risk to human health.
  5. Although they are unwelcome pests, they are harmless creatures.
  6. Slugs can be controlled by a number of methods. Clear outside vegetation and debris. Slug pellets maybe applied outside. You can also try putting a jar into the ground and filling it two thirds full or stale beer (any brand!). This will attract the slugs that fall in and die. Carry out any necessary house maintenance, sealing holes, repainting brickwork etc to prevent them coming inside.
  7. Slug Pellets’ can be bought from hardware stores and most garden centres. Read the label carefully to ensure that you follow the instructions.
  8. Always take great care when using Slug Pellets. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not place Slug Pellets where children or animals can come into contact with them. Wash hands immediately after use.

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