Bath and North East Somerset Council Does Not provide a pest control service for the treatment of carpet beetles.


1. What do they look like?

2. Where do they live?

3. What do they eat?

4. What damage do they do?

5. How can I get rid of them?


1. They are tiny black beetles about 2mm long.

2. They can be found in new homes where plaster is still damp or in older homes where damp plaster occurs.

3. The adults and larvae feed on microscopic moulds and mildews and will die out if the rooms are thoroughly dried and ventilated.

4. While they only eat fungus, mildew, and mould, it can be scary to people when large numbers of beetles in the hundreds or thousands gather at windows where they are attracted to the light.

5. The main solution to the problem is to resolve the damp conditions that are attracting the beetles. Vacuuming regularly inside your home in the areas that have been ‘invaded ‘by the beetles will also help.  You could also by an insecticide. Try to buy one that is ‘residual’; which means that the killing action lasts a few days after treatment and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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