Bath and North East Somerset Council Does Not provide a pest control service for the treatment of badgers, but please read the following information for some guidance.


Their black and white striped head most easily identifies badgers. They are not very vocal, although they occasionally make sounds ranging from whining in pleasure to growling and barking in threat.

Signs of badger activity can be seen more easily than the animal itself. Look for evidence such as heavily worn badger paths with distinctive 5-toed footprints, claw marks on trees, dung pits, mounds of earth outside the entrances to sets, remains of bedding material, and coarse, wiry badger hair.

The Law

Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which makes it illegal to kill, injure or take badgers or to interfere with a badger sett. The term ‘badger sett’ is normally understood to mean the system of tunnels and chambers, in which badgers live, and their entrances and immediate surrounds.  

The Council is not responsible for solving problems relating to badgers. Please see below for directions on where to go for advice.

Where to go for advice

The Natural England web site contains a considerable amount of information about badgers including a frequently asked questions section. Please follow the link to Natural England for further information and guidance on Badgers.

Alternatively there is a network of over 60 local Badger Groups across Great Britain, all working for the protection of their local badgers. Please see the Badger Trust website for further information.


1.    What can I do to discourage badgers in my garden?

2.    What can I do to prevent badgers digging up my lawn?


A1. One possible solution could be to use bins fitted with a clip-on lid or expanding bungee straps to secure the lid.

A2. Lawn damage is caused when badgers are attracted by the presence of turf pests (A turf pest is a creature that lives within the turf and feeds on the grass plant such as ants, earthworms, chafer grubs etc.) Pesticides to eradicate these turf pests may alleviate the problem but the effects on other beneficial pests should be considered. An alternative solution may be to lay wire netting beneath the soil to prevent badgers digging for grubs or flower bulbs.

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