When managing a business, you should consider the layout of the kitchen and ensure work surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings are made of materials which can be easily cleaned and maintained in a clean condition. Staff Toilets must not open directly onto areas in which food is handled or produced. Food areas of the business must have clear separation between them and any areas that are not suitable for food use, and staff should not have to travel through the food areas to reach changing rooms or toilets. Areas where food is prepared must be suitably ventilated – depending on the amount and types of food handled,  a specialised extraction system may be required.

If possible, you should have separate hand washing facilities to other sinks being used to wash food or equipment. If you have only one sink available in the kitchen, you must clean and sanitise it thoroughly between uses.

For more information, refer to the Food Standards Agency’s guide for businesses.


Listed Buildings

The Bath area contains many old buildings that may have ‘Listed’ status; this means they are of architectural or historical significance. If you are planning to renovate a building that is (or is going to be) a food business, you should consult our Building Control and Planning departments. Please contact the planning department below before starting any works. If the building was previously not used as a food business, you will need to ensure that you have applied for a change of use of the building.



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