All food businesses are legally required to have a system in place that demonstrates how they ensure the food they provide is safe to eat. Businesses can produce their own systems based upon HACCP principles, or you can use the Food Standards Agency’s specially designed pack, Safer Food Better Business. The level of written documentation required will depend on the nature and size of your business.

You can find this pack at the Food Standards Agency’s website in a variety of types and languages:

You should consider which of the packs offered is most appropriate for your business. If you are handling or storing any open, high-risk foods you should use the caterers’ version. If you are only handling shelf-stable foods at ambient temperatures, the retailing version may be more appropriate.

Any food safety related documentation should be available at your premises both for your reference purposes and inspections. If you have a Primary Authority then we will only expect to see your working records during a routine inspection.  If we are unable to see these records it may affect your food hygiene rating.

Bath and North East Somerset Council offer printed versions of Safer Food, Better Business (£20) and replacement diary sheets (£12). If you are interested in purchasing these, please apply using our paid services application form.

High risk processes

If your business involves any food operations which present a higher risk of food being served that is not safe, you will need to have systems in place to demonstrate you are controlling these increased risks. Examples of techniques that involve higher risks to food safety include sous-vide cooking, the serving of lightly cooked meats or pink burgers. and the preparation of dishes with lightly cooked eggs or offal.

For more information on these kinds of processes, visit our High Risk Foods guidance page.

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