Information for practitioners working in pre-schools and nurseries

The Early Years Service offers:

An overview of your core support entitlement from the Early Years Service

Members of the Hub also benefit from access to a library of locally developed support materials

  • SEND and Inclusion practice support
  • Developing leadership and management
  • Safeguarding and Welfare advice

Support to settings judged by Ofsted as Inadequate or Requires Improvement

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to offer support, guidance and advice to settings judged by Ofsted to be Inadequate or Requires Improvement.

 The Early Years Service offers a package of support to settings, which may include:

  • A visit to support creating an action plan following the publication of the OFSTED report
  • Further visit(s), agreed by the provider, to support the setting to meet the requirements at the next inspection. 
  • Signposting to other relevant training

Support to settings to close the achievement gap

A key national and local priority is to close the achievement gap between children at risk of poorer outcomes and the rest.

  • Settings who have children in receipt of funding for 2 year olds and/or Early Years Pupil Premium may access support to identify the emerging needs of their cohort, plan appropriate interventions and effectively monitor children’s progress.

A high quality affordable CPD programme

The EYFS Service provides a wide range of CPD which includes training, clusters, networks, staff meetings, and projects. All training can be found on the HUB.

In addition, members of the Hub can access documents, audits, toolkits developed by the Early Years Service.  Some folders are available at a small cost.

The EYFS team may be able to offer a package of self-evaluation support specifically for your setting.

SEND and Inclusion practice support

Early Years Area SENCOs work closely with early years settings to support practitioners identify children who have emerging Special Educational Needs and can also support referrals for assessment, and requests to panel for inclusion and transition support. 

Both Area SENCOs and Area SENCO Assistants support early years settings with the ‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review’ process for children with SEND.  For those newly identified young children with SEND there is also support for the setting up and reviewing of ‘My Plan'’.  These are non-statutory plans which we are currently piloting in Early Years, and which are designed to operate in a similar way to statutory EHC plans but without the statutory component.  We intend that all children with SEND will have a My Plan in due course.

The Area SENCOs and Assistants are now working within a newly formed Specialist Early Years Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion Team (SENDIT) coordinated by Specialist Early Years Educational Psychologists.

Developing leadership and management

Strong leadership and management is key to high quality early years provision. A selection of CPD opportunities are specifically aimed at leaders and managers. The Early Years Service actively seek the involvement of leaders and managers in the development of tools that will support the sector.

Safeguarding and Welfare advice

The Early Years Service offers guidance and advice to settings to support the implementation of the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

This could include:

  • CPD e.g. accredited safer recruitment, designated person child protection cluster
  • Audit of safeguarding and welfare practice
  • Guidance Folders e.g. Child Protection and Committee

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