Information for Providers - Frequently Asked Questions


Which providers can claim the Early Years Entitlement?

How do I claim the entitlement & when will I be paid?

 How much will I be paid for the Entitlement?

How many hours can I offer?

How do I know what a child is entitled to?

Is there a difference between the universal and extended hour?

Once a child is eligible for the extended offer, when does the 30 hours start?

Can the 30 hours start or change part way through the term?

How long will they remain eligible for the 30 hours?

Can I choose to offer the EYE hours as term time only of over the year?

Can a child split their funding with more than one provider?

How will I show the universal and extended hours on the headcount?

Do I have to offer all the hours a child is entitled to?

What happens if a child changes provider part way through the term?

Can I claim for a child missed from previous terms?

What Ethnicity information must I supply?

How do I sign up to offer EYE?

On what dates are children eligible to the entitlement (by date of birth)?

What paperwork do I need to fill out funding?

What dates do I need to return Paperwork to Bath and North East Somerset?

How do I send information securely to the EYE team?

When will I know what funding has been allocated to my child/ren?

When should I start applying the funding to my bills?

Further information

Further information, including forms, can be found on the right of this page under "Documents". Please contact us using the details on the left if you have any queries.

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