All commissioned providers have a duty of ensuring that they follow safeguarding processes in line with the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) requirements.

For further information regarding the LSCB requirements, please follow the link below:

LSCB webpage

1. Latest Briefings / Updates

DBS update:

2. Safer Recruitment Principles

This document details the LSCB safer recruitment principles

3. Safer Recruitment Checklist

Safer Recruitment Checklist for organisations when recruiting staff

4. Employee Safeguarding Declaration

Template form to be used at recruitment stage or as part of regular audit processes for existing employees

5. Safer Recruitment Checklist

The Safer Recruitment Toolkit includes:

  • Key Steps to recruiting safely
  • Sample templates and form (application form, references, recruitment checklists)
  • Sample Single Central record and how to complete

6. Guidance for managing positive DBS Disclosures 

This detailed Positive Guidance Document gives a step by step guidance for both Contract Managers and Providers/Organisations if they receive a positive disclosure from an individual who works in "regulated activity".  This document will be sent to all commissioned Providers to follow when required.

7. Risk Assessment

The provider/organisation must use this Risk Assessment Form to carry out a full risk assessment where a Positive Disclosure has been received.  The assessment is designed to support the employer in making an informed and balanced decision about whether to employ/continue to employ an individual.  The Provider must contact the Contract Manager to inform them immediately that they have received a positive disclosure and to request this form.

8. Risk Assessment: Disclosure of information causing concern (third party risk)

The employer must use this Risk Assessment Form to carry out a full risk assessment where information has been received that could potentially relate to the safeguarding of children.  The assessment is designed to support organisations in making an informed and balanced decision about the need for suspension in such matters.  

Any information which raises child protection issues (or potential issues) must be referred immediately to the LADO.   The organisation should make contact with the LADO before embarking on any investigation, suspension or other action.

9. Managing Allegations against Professionals

10. Working together 2015

A guide to safeguard and promote the welfare of children

11. Escalation Policy

The Bath and North East Somerset policy for the resolution of professional disagreements in work relating to the safety of children:

12. Single Central Record

All commissioned providers must complete a Single Central Record of all the relevant staff delivering services on behalf of the council.   This may take the form of an electronic management information system or paper record (for which a template has been provided).   The provider is to keep this for their records, the Council does not require a copy.  It should, however, be available for the Contract Manager to view it's completeness when required.

13. Safeguarding Monitoring Form

This safeguarding form will be sent out to all commissioned providers as part of the contract monitoring processes and in line with the contract monitoring schedule (monitoring requested quarterly, termly etc)

In addition to the safeguarding monitoring form, a new Key Performance Indicators form (KPI) should be completed in April on an annual basis to capture LSCB awareness training for relevant staff.

14. Self-audit Form

As part of the contract monitoring process, Contract Managers will be asked to audit the providers safeguarding process once a year (minimum).  This annual self-audit form will be sent to the commissioned providers to self-audit their processes in preparation for their audit with the Contract Manager.


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